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Corin Opens First Boutique

Store photos.
Store photos.

(Filed Under wholesale Lingerie News). Corin, a Poland-based lingerie brand specializing in large cup sizes, opened its first franchise shop in Częstochowa, Poland on October 3rd. The store houses over 100 of Corin’s bras and briefs, including the new Sexy Plus lingerie line running up to a European cup-size I. Corin’s prices tend to run in the approximate range of 20 to 40 Euros; equivalent to about $29 to $60 at the current exchange rate. The boutique also carries Chantelle and Felina Lingerie, as well as dressing gowns by Italian brand Alba.

According to the company, Corin plans to open additional shops under its franchisee network, saying that it this is a good solution for both franchisee and the company during the recession. “The Interest in cooperation in the last period has grown,” the company said.

“The advantages are mutual-the franchisee invests its capital in proven business, and can count on the support a partner recognized in the market […] Hence, the capital expenditures to be invested are usually lower than if he would start the business on his own. This solution is a great idea for business in times of intensifying recession.”

The company described the new shop as boasting an “elegant interior in a tone of warm vanilla in conjunction with white, silver and gold [creating] a unique climate for purchasing the corsetry wardrobe.”

For further information, e-mail Export@Corin.Pl.

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Published 10-19-2009 by Amanda Torres Price

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