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Unico’s "Volcano" "Corteza" Unico’s "Volcano" "Caldera" Unico’s "Volcano" "Lava" Unico’s "Volcano" "Fragmento" Unico’s "Volcano" "Ignea"
Unico’s "Volcano" "Corteza"

Added: Oct 2012
Unico’s "Volcano" "Caldera"

Added: Oct 2012
Unico’s "Volcano" "Lava"

Added: Oct 2012
Unico’s "Volcano" "Fragmento"

Added: Oct 2012
Unico’s "Volcano" "Ignea"

Added: Oct 2012

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Mundo Natural 2 By Unico Hits Stores

Styles from Mundo Natural 2.
Styles from Mundo Natural 2.

(Filed Under wholesale Men's Underwear News). Mundo Natural 2, the latest collection of nature-inspired men's underwear by Unico, hit stores this October. The collection includes 23 new men’s underwear designs including trunks and briefs wholesaling between $5.50 to $10.50 and retailing for $14 to $26.

According to Olga Oggioni, general manager of Unico’s U.S. distribution office in Miami, Fl., signature styles featured in the new collection include the Rocio Trunk. The item is constructed from a new light-weight microfiber comprised of 82 percent nylon and 18 percent spandex and is available in solid white with fine grey dots and a silver waistband.

“This new luxurious, soft and silky fabric has a lavish feel and incomparable comfort. [The Rocio Trunk] is a true delight, that will almost blend into your skin, providing a fresh, delicate and exceptional fit,” Oggioni said.

Other key styles include the Ramas Brief and the Ardilla Boy Brief. Oggioni called the Ramas Brief “a fun new style inspired in nature.” It features a print of black leaves and flowers and a “bold black waistband that stands out and potrays strength and audacity, making a firm fashion statement.” The Ardilla Boy Brief is a “fun and playful” short-cut boxer brief in a red and earth-toned plaid print outlined with a red seam. Oggioni called it “perfect to start the Fall and even makes you look forward to Christmas.”

Unico launches three collections under a single theme every year. Mundo Natural 3—this year’s final collection—will arrive in stores this December. In early 2010, the company will announce a new theme for that year. Specialty men’s and lingerie retailers nationwide carry the brand, including Déjà Vu Love Boutique in Las Vegas, Nev., and, among others. Retailers, including Beach Essentials in Rehoboth Beach, Del., have called it one of their top-selling brands in the men's intimates category.

Colombian company Unico Interior is the parent company of the Unico brand. For further information, contact Oggioni: (305) 805-8885, or e-mail

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Published 10-22-2009 by Amanda Torres Price

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