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Leg Avenue’s ’Killer Curves’ Plus Line Leg Avenue’s ’Killer Curves’ Plus Line Leg Avenue’s ’Killer Curves’ Plus Line Leg Avenue’s ’Killer Curves’ Plus Line Leg Avenue’s ’Killer Curves’ Plus Line
Leg Avenue’s ’Killer Curves’ Plus Line

Added: Jun 2014
Leg Avenue’s ’Killer Curves’ Plus Line

Added: Jun 2014
Leg Avenue’s ’Killer Curves’ Plus Line

Added: Jun 2014
Leg Avenue’s ’Killer Curves’ Plus Line

Added: Jun 2014
Leg Avenue’s ’Killer Curves’ Plus Line

Added: Jun 2014

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Leg Avenue: How To Make Money On Corsets

(Filed Under wholesale Lingerie News). According to Lisa Griffin, marketing manager of Leg Avenue, and Winter Mullender, designer of the company, corsets and bustiers are a staple in any lingerie line. “The demand for well-made and beautiful corsets is always high!” They said. “All ages of women are wearing corsets these days, whether it is in the bedroom, or with their favorite jeans or mini skirt. A simple, good-fitting corset can offer a number of looks that will suit any woman’s style! All of us girls love pulling the strings in the back and instantly shrinking down two dress sizes! Corsets and bustiers have always been a Leg Avenue basic.”

Leg Avenue’s recipe for success in the category includes making one-of-a-kind patterns in-house, and ensuring that there is a definite curve at the waistline to give everyone a perfect hourglass shape. They listed fit, fabric, design and price as equally key to the category, adding; “and [these qualities] describe our corsets!”

The company’s corsets and bustiers run in sizes S through L, with the Laurie corset “featuring a classic hourglass silhouette with metal support boning” being its best seller. It is available in shades of fuchsia, red and black. Griffin and Mullender reported that upcoming styles will follow the latest trend toward classic, vintage appeal. They also see nice-fitting basics and burlesque-inspired styles as increasingly popular, with “big funky appliqués and brocade patterns” going out of style.

When asked if the economy had affected their designing, they quipped; “Not in the slightest! The important thing to remember during tough economic times is that women will continue to purchase intimate apparel, but will look more toward quality rather than quantity. A woman will invest in a well-made, well-designed corset because she will be able to wear it for years, [therefore] it’s an investment that she will make.”

Leg Avenue's feedback on corsets appears in the November 2009 issue of BODY. To see the full trend report, check out the electronic version of the November issue on our website now!

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Published 11-02-2009 by Amanda Torres Price

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