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Nordstrom Expansion

Added: Mar 2010
Nordstrom Expansion

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Nordstrom Expansion

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Nordstrom Expansion

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Nordstrom Expansion

Added: Mar 2010

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Todd and Terry Expands at Nordstrom

Style from the Todd and Terry Classic Line.
Style from the Todd and Terry Classic Line.

(Filed Under wholesale Men's Underwear News). For a brand so new to the U.S. market, Todd and Terry has already made an impressive amount of headway in the department store market. At the February 2009 MAGIC show—the company’s first time exhibiting in the U.S.—a Nordstrom buyer picked up the men’s underwear and swimwear brand, which hit three of the retailer’s full-line stores in Los Angeles, Seattle and North Carolina last spring. According to John Ioannou, co-owner of the two-year-old Australian company, Nordstrom recently re-ordered the brand for four of its stores. Todd and Terry merchandise can also be found at specialty stores including Skivvies in Dallas, Tex; LASC in Los Angeles, Calif; Conquette in New York City; De Marchin in New York State; and Injeanious in San Francisco, Calif; among others.

John Goerner of Skivvies commented about the brand; “Their retro-fifties prints are so fun; there is one with martini glasses that does particularly well in our neighborhood. Their fabrics are also comfortable, and the fit is a little more forgiving than some of the other overseas brands. Our brothers from down-under understand that we are not all a size 20 waist.”

Todd and Terry’s merchandise currently encompasses four underwear lines, which accounts for 90 percent of merchandise and includes both printed and solid-colored styles, as well as a small swimwear line. There is also a sleepwear line that will be sold exclusively on the brand’s website. Underwear styles include trunks, long trunks, briefs and stretch boxers wholesaling for $11 to $14 and available in sizes S through XL. Ioannou said about the aesthetic of the brand; “Our range is so diverse that it covers looks from the ‘50’s, the 70’s and Asian influences through a totally abstract look, as well as a bold solids range".

“We are not afraid to use color! […] If I had to describe one feature [of] our products it would be our ‘must-have consumer appeal.’ A shopper can always come back tomorrow or wait for a sale if they are buying solids or standards, but our product is a must have NOW item.”

Although he finds it difficult to define Todd and Terry’s typical customer, he said the brand appeals to the 20 to 35-year-old age group of “[men] who won’t wear the easily accessible brands and will actively look for something different.”

The company’s newest collection of underwear, which includes eight designs and 16 colorways, will hit stores in late December, “just in time for that last-minute Christmas gift,” Ioannou said. Company founder and co-owner Greg Shand commented: “This range is more adventurous and colorful [than previous ranges]. We have drawn on the '70’s and Asian influences, although we have still kept the best of our ‘50’s look.” He reported that the Chang Noi, James and Hamish designs in the new collection are out-selling all previously launched designs; “and [quickly] becoming our favorites.”

Shand started Todd and Terry in Australia in November 2007, and Ioannou joined the company shortly after that. Ioannou manages business and strategic thinking for the company out of Australia, while Shand oversees design and production in Thailand.

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Published 11-16-2009 by Amanda Torres Price

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