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Flakisima: shapewear Flakisima: shapewear Flakisima: shapewear Flakisima: shapewear
Flakisima: shapewear

Added: Apr 2010
Flakisima: shapewear

Added: Apr 2010
Flakisima: shapewear

Added: Apr 2010
Flakisima: shapewear

Added: Apr 2010

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Flakisima Slims The Waist

Flakisima: Waist cincher in black.
Flakisima: Waist cincher in black.

(Filed Under wholesale Shapewear News). Shalom Mizrahi of Mainstreet Loungewear Inc. said the company has been very successful with the launch of its new brand of shapewear, Flakisima, last December. Flakisima, which means “skinnier” in Spanish, includes a cincher wholesaling for $21 and a vest wholesaling for $29. Both firm control styles run in sizes Petite (XS) to 3X, and are available in shades of nude and black. They include custom-made hook and eyes and boning, which Mizrahi said keeps the garments in place. The line can be found on, as well as specialty boutiques through out the New York City area.

According to Mizrahi, one of the surprising aspects of the line is the consumer it appeals to. “The majority of our Flakisima customers are sizes XS to XL, with M our current best-selling size,” he said. “The women who are wearing it do want to look skinnier, but they also want to create an hourglass figure.”

Women who have given birth are also a key Flakisima customer group, including Mizrahi’s wife. “My wife gave birth when the shapewear was in development last year,” Mizrahi said. “We had a party a week after the baby was born, and she put on the shapewear under a fancy dress and it looked like she had never been pregnant.”

The brand appeals to a variety of ages; “from young girls to mothers of the bride to women who have undergone an operation,” Mizrahi said. He added that the tops don’t merely help the wearer look more svelte, but can actually help them lose inches if worn eight to nine hours per day for a few months. A pleased consumer provided the company with the following feedback about the line: “I was dazzled by the results of Flakisima shapewear. Within the first two weeks I had slimmed down and my clothes fit better. When you wear it all day you sweat off the fat. My co-workers and friends have all noticed the change in my mid-section, and can’t believe I achieved it without working out.”

Oren Shapiro, chief executive officer of, reported that the brand has been exceedingly popular with his customers. “Actually we were skeptical about what we were getting into in the beginning, but we have received really great feedback from our customers on the brand, who say that its garments don’t roll up, offer firm control, and have material that is very smooth,” he commented. “Our sales people say there are hardly any returns on these products.”

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Published 04-28-2010 by Amanda Torres Price

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