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Shapewear by Leonisa Shapewear by Leonisa Shapewear by Leonisa Shapewear by Leonisa Shapewear by Leonisa
Shapewear by Leonisa

Added: Jul 2012
Shapewear by Leonisa

Added: Jul 2012
Shapewear by Leonisa

Added: Jul 2012
Shapewear by Leonisa

Added: Jul 2012
Shapewear by Leonisa

Added: Jul 2012

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Leonisa Continues U.S. Growth

Leonisa: Boyshort Compression bodyshaper in the Perfect Shaping line.
Leonisa: Boyshort Compression bodyshaper in the Perfect Shaping line.

(Filed Under wholesale Shapewear News). Leonisa, a Colombian intimate apparel manufacturer specializing in shapewear, lingerie, swimwear and more, has been growing exponentially since entering the U.S. market in 2008, according to Juan Duque, chief executive officer of Leonisa USA. He reported that the company has experienced a 43 percent increase in domestic sales since the beginning of 2010, compared with a 27 percent increase last year.

Currently, Leonisa is sold domestically through its e-commerce site, as well as catalog businesses Sky Mall and Benchmark Brands, Inc. In Puerto Rico, the brand is sold in Macy’s stores. Duque said that the company is about to expand into additional markets. “We are formulating plans to retail in U.S. boutiques,” he said. “While planning is under way, our e-commerce business is booming. Our main customers come from catalog sales representatives as well as

“With targeting advertising, amazing new products and true value, we will continue strategizing Leonisa’s brand penetration and awareness. We are constantly finding loyal customers that did not know Leonisa is sold in the U.S. We also are in current plans to break into major U.S. retail markets, such as New York, California, Florida, Texas and Chicago, and will continue to span across the country.”

Although Leonisa offers a wide range of products to serve a variety of women, Duque commented, “We see great potential in the 25 to 50 consumer demographic. Our lines range from fun, loud and colorful to sleek, chic and comfortable […] Because of the limited alternatives in the market, women are always seeking new, different and functional intimate apparel.

“We feel that Latin women strive to not only look beautiful, but feel beautiful and this transcends countries. Latin women in the U.S. are quite the same. Leonisa wants to make Latin America’s secrets known to all women.”

In its shapewear line, Leonisa recently introduced the Perfect Shaping collection, designed to target areas such as the tummy, hips and derriere, which Duque called “typical problem areas for most women.” It encompasses 35 styles available in white, black, tan and beige in sizes XS through XXXL, retailing for $19.99 to $100.

“The advantage of the Perfect Shaping line is the new ultra thin yet powerful compression combination of advanced Powernet and microfiber,” Duque said. “This unique pairing provides day-long comfort while shaping the body to a desired and beautiful silhouette. We have had so much success with this line that two additional machines were imported from Germany in order to fulfill the growing demand."

In its bra line, this month the company will introduce the Next Generation UPLIFT bra collection of seamless, wire-free push-up bras, which Duque called “the most advanced bra line we have created in recent years.” Retail prices run from $27.99 to $34.99.

Overall, Duque believes that Leonisa brings a unique position to the U.S. market. “On top of [our] 56 years of intimate apparel manufacturing experience, we are the only vertically integrated shapewear company in the western hemisphere and one of the few left with this advantage in the industry worldwide,” he said. “What this means is that 93 percent of the materials that we use are made in-house […] A simple explanation of why we are different is, like the best food dish, Leonisa products are made from scratch.”

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Published 06-04-2010 by Amanda Torres Price

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