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A look from Pink Lipstick by International Intimates. A look from Pink Lipstick by International Intimates. A look from Pink Lipstick by International Intimates. A look from Pink Lipstick by International Intimates. A look from Pink Lipstick by International Intimates.
A look from Pink Lipstick by International Intimates.

Added: Jan 2012
A look from Pink Lipstick by International Intimates.

Added: Jan 2012
A look from Pink Lipstick by International Intimates.

Added: Jan 2012
A look from Pink Lipstick by International Intimates.

Added: Jan 2012
A look from Pink Lipstick by International Intimates.

Added: Jan 2012

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Eldorado: “We Chose Not to Participate in the Recession”

(Filed Under wholesale Lingerie News). “We chose not to participate in the recession,” declared a “humbled” Larry Garland, C.E.O and founder of Eldorado. “We have had very strong growth and we are thankful for it. But at the same time, we have aggressively attacked the market.”

While many companies have seen sales decline and have cut back promotions and marketing, the Colorado-based distributor has made a concerted effort to expand its promotional visibility. The International Lingerie Show in Las Vegas this September was a good example.

“At the last show in April our booth was so crowded it became difficult to show customers all the products we offer,” Garland said.

To avoid losing valuable face time with potential buyers, Eldorado added two more booths at this September’s show. “We had to open it up and expand. Now you can talk to someone and show them around the booth,” Garland said. “The shopping experience for our customers is much better. And it’s exactly those kinds of experiences that keep Eldorado customers coming back.”

It is hard not to conclude that Eldorado’s aggressive approach to promoting the brand has not had a lot to do with its success in growing the business despite today’s tough market conditions.

Overall, Garland focuses on the basics and follows a simple, guiding principle he used “to transform a homespun basement business into an international pleasure products dynamo: making sure customers get what they want in salable conditions, on time, and at a fair price.”

Eldorado keeps customers happy “by maintaining great fill rates.” This is a challenge not easily met by others in the industry. The distributor’s target is 95 percent, which they “are meeting or exceeding daily.”

But how do they do it? “We make significant investments in inventory and enjoy strong lines of communication with our manufacturers,” Garland explained. “If we know a factory will have a problem producing a particular product and we have the opportunity to stock up on that item, we do. If we have an opportunity to bridge a gap in the supply chain, we take advantage of that, even it if means making sizeable advance purchases.”

Eldorado’s ability to adapt to market trends and customer needs also contributes to its success. One area of significant growth this year, noted Garland, is in the bachelorette, bachelor and home party markets.

“We supply a lot of home party hosts and planners and certainly appreciate their business,” he said. “With our downloadable home party kit and customizable order form, our customers are able to control the pricing to the consumer.”

Another innovation Garland’s team introduced last year is the StoreExtender program. “Under this program credit card services, shipping customer services, and website updates are provided [to retailers],” said Garland. “You own your customers and control your margins. It is an easy platform to use because it is so customizable. It essentially gives our customers the ability of adding our entire warehouse to their brick and mortar or e-store.”

Eldorado credits much of its success to customer relationships with “an ever-expanding product selection.” Even more important to Garland is the “exceptional customer service, meeting demands and exceeding expectations.”

The distributor pointed to a recent deal with René Rofé to distribute its packaged lingerie, as well as the introduction of the Daisy Corset line; “A very nice line wholesaling in the $25 to $35 range.”

Routine equipment upgrades and frequent streamlines in internal operations ensure Eldorado’s preparedness and ability to satisfy its growing customer roster. “We are constantly upgrading,” Garland emphasized. “We recently installed a new roller rack system for our shipping team. Our drop-shipping department has expanded dramatically so we’re looking at some new automated technologies as well. And don’t forget, we are centrally located in Colorado for the convenience of our drop ship customers,” he added with a smile.

In these market conditions, it all adds up to growth.

For further information, call (303) 444-4622.

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Published 11-15-2010 by Nick Monjo

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