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Shaper by CoCoon and bra by Leonisa. A look from cocoon. A look by Co’Coon. Panty Butt Lifter with Bio Crystals, spring 2011. Panty Butt Lifter with Bio Crystals, spring 2011.
Shaper by CoCoon and bra by Leonisa.

Added: Nov 2011
A look from cocoon.

Added: Oct 2011
A look by Co’Coon.

Added: Jul 2011
Panty Butt Lifter with Bio Crystals, spring 2011.

Added: Apr 2011
Panty Butt Lifter with Bio Crystals, spring 2011.

Added: Apr 2011

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Co’Coon Launches Skin Sprays

Co'Coon Bodyshaper.
Co'Coon Bodyshaper.

(Filed Under wholesale Shapewear News). Co’Coon, a Colombian shapewear manufacturer with offices in Doral, Fla., has launched a product to extend the benefits of its Skincare line of shapewear.

The company has introduced the Rechargers spray line, retailing for $19.99 per two-ounce bottle. The Rechargers, which will be available to retailers this December, come in the same infusions as the Skincare line, all of which have proven health and beauty benefits, according to the company: Marine Algaes nourishes the skin with nutrients; caffeine assists in weight loss and cellulite reduction; vitamin E with aloe revitalizes the skin; and oats and milk soothes the skin and makes it smoother.

“We are one of the pioneers in making vitamin-infused apparel; our Skincare line has been one of our most successful,” said Rafael Segarra, director of special projects for Co’Coon. “However, after 10 to 15 washes, the vitamin-infused microcapsules lose their desired effect, so we launched the Rechargers [to recharge these bodyshapers]. And they don’t have to spray [garments] every time they wear them: the rechargers will last for five washes.”

In its private label business, Co’Coon’s Curveez line is rolling out in Navarro Pharmacy locations throughout south Florida. Segarra reported that the line is rolling out in four Navarro Pharmacies immediately, and the company expects it to be in half by the end of January 2011, and the entire 28-branch chain by next March.

He described Curveez as a lower-priced line than Co’Coon’s branded collection: it retails from $25 to $35, with many styles infused with the company’s skin-improving properties. Styles are available in sizes S to 5X.

Co’Coon is sold in approximately 450 independent boutiques and 32 company-owned stores in 23 countries, including Canada; Mexico; Venezuela; Bolivia; Spain; Japan; and South Africa, among others. In the United States, the company’s products are available in over 40 stores, including Petticoat Fair in Austin, Tex., Hourglass Angel in Chicago, Ill. and Amazonia Brazil in Newark, N.J, as well as 80 POS (point of sale) stations within malls.

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Published 11-29-2010 by Amanda Torres Price

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