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Dreamgirl Grows Line With Focus

Dreamgirl: Pink and Black corset, stockings and garters.
Dreamgirl: Pink and Black corset, stockings and garters.

(Filed Under wholesale Lingerie News). Dreamgirl is calling its 2011/2012 collection “versatile yet focused,” with a larger assortment of designs across the lingerie, hosiery, dancewear and clubwear categories, all featured in a 260-page catalog.

“Dreamgirl is introducing new innovations in hanging and packaged assortments; from light-up panties to quick-change clubwear we are pushing the boundary of lingerie design,” said Christopher Scharff, C.E.O of Dreamgirl. “We added 20 percent more product for this catalog as compared with last year.”

Dreamgirl’s packaged styles are categorized under the company’s “Diamond” collections, available in sizes One-Size-Fits-Most and One-Size-Fits-Most Queen. The company also makes hanging styles in sizes S through L, with select hanging styles also available in 1X/2X and 3X/4X.

The 2011/2012 collection wholesales from $1 to $7 for hosiery, which is seen in Black Diamond, and $8 to $12 for Diamond packaged lingerie and costumes. Hanging lingerie and robes wholesale from $10 to $16 while corsets wholesale from $18 to $26.

According to the company, the 2011/2012 collection features a 70 percent increase in styles and colors under the In Stock Guarantee (ISG) program. Through this program, the company maintains inventory on its best-selling styles, making them available to ship overnight within the United States. The company also added Black Diamond to its ISG program due to the strength of the range.

Dreamgirl added to almost every one of its categories for next year. The collection includes more than 100 styles in plus sizes, more packaged lingerie than seen previously and an expanded Black Diamond hosiery section.

But perhaps most notable is Dreamgirl’s renewed focus on clubwear and dancewear, which the company increased by about 30 percent across the packaged and hanging categories.

“Clubwear and dancewear are two categories we wanted to develop more thoroughly for 2011, and with that we have created more innovative designs such as the new, interchangeable dancewear sets, as well as adding new basics,” Scharff said. “We are also developing a more accurately designed garment to cater to the dancer consumer, who tends to have a more toned physique.”

Many of the new dancewear sets are black light compatible, and include matching thongs, g-strings or t-backs. Clubwear dresses are offered in Dreamgirl’s Quick Change, Versatile and Reversible designs, and include trend-driven elements like zippers, metallic prints and belts.

Dreamgirl completed its 93,000-square-foot warehouse this year, resulting in increased automated fulfillment and shipping capabilities. This is allowing the company to introduce products more frequently and ship more efficiently to retailers.

With a growing line and these increased capabilities, Scharff is looking forward to the coming year. “Our organization continues to execute its business plan across all product categories and in all markets,” he said. “I am extremely proud of our management, employees, sales representatives, distributors and vendor partners for their dedication and hard work in pursuit of our goals and vision. We are looking forward to an exciting 2011.”

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Published 12-14-2010 by Amanda Torres Price

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