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The Demee Short by Shapeez The Demee Short by Shapeez The Demee Long by Shapeez The Demee Long by Shapeez A Look from Shapeez.
The Demee Short by Shapeez

Added: Jan 2016
The Demee Short by Shapeez

Added: Jan 2016
The Demee Long by Shapeez

Added: Jan 2016
The Demee Long by Shapeez

Added: Jan 2016
A Look from Shapeez.

Added: Jul 2011

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Shapeez Adds Soft Cup To Unbelievabra

(Filed Under wholesale Shapewear News). Shapeez is unveiling its first soft cup at next month’s CurveNY.

The company is adding the soft cup to the Shortee bra and Ultimate bodyshaper garments, both of which fall under its Unbelievabra patent. They will run in sizes S through 1X, fitting cup sizes B through F, and will ship to stores in late spring. The Ultimate Soft Cup will retail for $85, while the Shortee Soft Cup will retail for $75. Both styles will be available in nude and black shades.

David Berner, vice president and C.F.O of Shapeez, said the company decided to add the soft cup option for the woman who prefers it to the traditional foam cup bra.

“We have had many requests from our customers to add a non-foam cup and we now have the perfect alternative for them,” he said. “The ‘Soft Cup’ Unbelievabra has cups made from an ultra-smooth ‘Simplex’ knit fabric for a smooth, seamless look. This new style bra has amazing support, shaping and minimizing characteristics because it has non-stretch, molded cups and because it is free from all padding, it makes the perfect T-shirt bra for the fuller figure and those women who don’t want to add to their breast size.”

Shapeez is also introducing a limited edition of its Lacee Long in brown, shipping to stores on February 1. The Lacee wholesales for $55 in the United States and $62 in Canada, and is available in 37 sizes; from 32A to 44DD. The lingerie-inspired bodyshaping camisole with built-in bra currently comes in shades of white and black.

Shapeez styles are available in retail locations throughout North America, including Night & Day in Andover and Newburyport, Mass., Von Maur locations throughout the Midwest and Something Comfortable in Rehoboth Beach, Del.

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Published 01-12-2011 by Amanda Torres Price

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