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Black Label look, 2011. Black Label look, 2011. Black Label look, 2011. Black Label look, 2011. Black Label look, 2011.
Black Label look, 2011.

Added: Jan 2011
Black Label look, 2011.

Added: Jan 2011
Black Label look, 2011.

Added: Jan 2011
Black Label look, 2011.

Added: Jan 2011
Black Label look, 2011.

Added: Jan 2011

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Baci Lingerie: Successful Paris Show

Style in Black label by Baci Lingerie, shown at the Salon International de la Lingerie.
Style in Black label by Baci Lingerie, shown at the Salon International de la Lingerie.

(Filed Under wholesale Lingerie News). Baci Lingerie experienced an incredibly successful exhibition at Paris’ Salon de la Lingerie Show from January 22 through 24, the company said.

Baci Lingerie, which was the main sponsor of what it called “the world’s largest and most prestigious lingerie trade fair,” described its products as continuing to change and dominate the lingerie industry at the show. For those who were unable to attend, the brand has developed a global promotional trailer of its display and booth.

“It was an amazing experience exhibiting at the show for the first time,” said Robert Rosen, C.O.O of Baci Lingerie. “We did not know what to expect as a new brand on the market and exhibiting at a show with may well-established brands. However, we felt that the show was a tremendous success for us as everyone was stunned at our magnificent booth and the displays. Our lingerie and eyelashes were a huge success and our concept of affordable luxury was the most discussed topic at the show.

“We wanted to demonstrate to the entire world our concept of delivering the best value of sexy and elegant lingerie, which comes with the best photographs and artwork, in beautifully designed premium packaging for the best pricing in the world. We received numerous requests from many people looking to become exclusive partners in their country and signed many new partners at the show.”

Baci Lingerie unveiled that, among other agreements, it signed with a major new partner out of Germany to develop a wholesale division in the country, which it called Europe’s largest market. According to Baci, the owner of Baci Lingerie Germany is well known internationally as an investor in the lingerie and erotic industries, and is the main shareholder of the Venus Fair in Berlin. Based on research and analysis, the company projects multi-million dollar sales turnover from the agreement, with the first of six Baci Lingerie stores expected to open within the next couple of months.

“We are very proud and excited to finally start and develop a wholesale division of Baci Lingerie in the Germany market,” said Rosen. “Currently, we have also an agreement in place with Europe’s biggest online reseller that is based in Germany and who is selling directly to 4 million consumers in massive quantities. We wanted to further expand our brand and to be able to bring it to department stores and open Baci mono brand stores in Germany besides the online channel we dominate already. The main investor of Baci Lingerie Germany has more than 30 years of experience success in brand development and distribution, is one of Europe’s most successful businessmen in the industry and complements Baci Lingerie’s mission of delivering the best value of sexy and erotic luxury for the lowest prices ever seen on the market.

“It was only a matter of time until we set up a wholesale operation in Germany as our other online partner was selling more than 300,000 pieces of Baci Lingerie per month and we were receiving requests for Baci Lingerie products like crazy in Germany. We will still be partnering with the biggest online re-seller and we have made sure that there will be strict compliance to pricing policy to ensure that prices remain fair for all levels of sales distribution in the future.”

Baci Lingerie is looking forward to meeting new partners and developing relationships at future upcoming shows, including the International Lingerie Show (ILS) from March 28 through 30, 2011.

Internetmarketing-Miami LLC, holders of the exclusive rights of Baci Lingerie, is a privately-held company headquartered in Miami, Fla.

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Published 02-28-2011 by Amanda Torres Price

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