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A look from Calida. A look from Calida. A look from Calida. A look from Calida. A look from Calida.
A look from Calida.

Added: Jul 2011
A look from Calida.

Added: Jul 2011
A look from Calida.

Added: Jul 2011
A look from Calida.

Added: Jul 2011
A look from Calida.

Added: Jul 2011

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Calida Introduces Morocco-Inspired Lines

Intimate apparel by Calida.
Intimate apparel by Calida.

(Filed Under wholesale Basics News). Swiss brand Calida Bodywear has released its new spring/summer 2012 collections for women’s and men’s underwear and sleepwear.

Inspired by the colors, sights and scents of Morocco, Calida’s newest intimate apparel and sleepwear lines evoke a safari or desert feel with casual, loose-fitting silhouettes and vibrant colors framed by earth tones, whites and nature-themed prints.

With earthy ranges like Vanilla Sky, Patchouli and Salt & Pepper, plus more seductive lines like Sensations Lace and Sensations Net, Calida’s women’s lingerie offers styles including padded and unpadded underwire bras in sizes 32 to 38, A to D and high-waist panties, briefs, thongs, camisoles and T-shirts in sizes XXS to L. Calida also offers shaping women’s bottoms in waist sizes 36 to 46. Men’s underwear lines Pure & Striped Trend and Statement feature black, white and silver striped briefs, boxers, and shirts in sizes S to XXL.

Women’s sleepwear and loungewear lines are even more exotic. Lines like Palm Leaf, Sandal Wood, Orange Blossom, Desert Wind, Sweet Lime and White Sand offer sleeveless shirts, T-shirts, oversized boyfriend-style shirts, short, capris and pants in loose, flowing fabrics like cotton, micro modal, silk and linen. Sizes range from XXS to L. Men’s nightwear lines include Amber, Liberty and Atlas featuring T-shirts, button-up long-sleeve shirts, short and pants in sizes S to XXL.

Calida underwear styles retail for approximately $30 to $97.50 at the current exchange rate. Wholesale prices are approximately $15 to $50. Sleep and loungewear styles retail for approximately $36.50 to $157 and wholesale for approximately $18 to $75. There is a $2,000 minimum for qualified retailers.

Calida garments are made in Europe and Asia and ship from Switzerland. The brand is carried in Calida shops throughout Europe and specialty and online stores in the United States, including and

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Published 07-25-2011 by Katherine Rautenberg

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