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A look from Embrace. A look from Embrace. A look from Embrace. A look from Embrace. A look from Embrace.
A look from Embrace.

Added: Aug 2011
A look from Embrace.

Added: Aug 2011
A look from Embrace.

Added: Aug 2011
A look from Embrace.

Added: Aug 2011
A look from Embrace.

Added: Aug 2011

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Embrace Provides Innovative Support

A look from Embrace.
A look from Embrace.

(Filed Under wholesale Lingerie News). High-end Irish brand Embrace aims to provide women with beautiful and versatile lingerie with its patented and patent-pending revolutionary designs to improve comfort, fit and freedom of movement.

Innovative styles feature what Embrace calls "internal support systems." Embrace’s award-winning internal support systems provide support, stability, enhanced silhouettes and various levels of breast lift while staying securely positioned underneath or on the lower part of the bust. The support systems are attached to the outer bra under each arm and at the center front, eliminating the strain of horizontal tension — meaning the bra will not drag down or slide up the breast with any body movements. The French and Italian fabrics, lace, embroidery and trim used to make the outer bra cups falls naturally instead of having to be stretched over a cup.

In addition to the freedom of movement and perfect fit offered from Embrace’s internal support systems, the brand’s bras also include a patented removable wire system, allowing the wearer to make an easy transition from an underwire bra to a soft-cup bra for comfort, sleep or simply to wash the garment. Embrace has also patented a sliding strap mechanism, making the straps easy to slide to any position on the front or back of the bra.

Embrace’s internal support systems lend themselves perfectly to maternity and nursing bras without employing clips or fasteners. The brand’s Comfort Me Up Cup maternity bra features a internal support that accommodates increasing breast weight, a five-position hook-and-eye closure to work with changing body sizes as well as the patented removable wire. The Up Cup easily transforms from a supportive maternity bra to a nursing bra, with its zip front that opens easily while the breast is still supported by the internal system. It includes a small pointer that mothers can use to indicate the next breast to nurse from. A second nursing style, the Breast Feeding Friend (BFF), includes same innovations as the Up Cup, but trades in the zip-front for a flap in the outer bra that can be pulled down when it’s time to nurse.

Embrace’s spring/summer 2012 collection is inspired by destinations along Europe’s Orient Express. The romantic, sexy and ethereal sides of London, Paris, Milan, Venice, Vienna, Athens and Istanbul inspired Embrace’s balcony, plunge, and bandeau style bras with matching thongs, shorts and high-waist briefs. Colorways include onyx, vanilla, gold, ginger, pebble, strawberry ice, and floral prints with a variety of delicate embellishments.

Bras come in sizes 34 to 38 A, 32 to 38 B, and 30 to 38 C to I cups, except for bandeau styles, which only accommodate A to D cups. Wholesale prices for bras and slips range from $72 to $112 with a recommended retail range of $180 to $280. Matching bottoms are available in sizes S to XL with a wholesale price range of $19 to $40 and recommended retail prices of $48 to $100.

Embrace styles debuted in the U.S. at CURVENY to marked interest from buyers on five different continents. The brand is continuing to patent unique design developments and intends to expand into swimwear for spring/summer 2013.

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Published 08-12-2011 by Katherine Rautenberg

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Embrace Provides Innovative Support

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