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A patented style by C-Panty.
A patented style by C-Panty.

Added: Aug 2011

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C-Panty Awarded U.S. Patent

A patented style by C-Panty.
A patented style by C-Panty.

(Filed Under wholesale Maternity News). C-Panty’s innovative post-Cesarean underwear design has been awarded a U.S. patent.

C-Panty’s line of post-partum recovery panties are meant to provide scar care as well as slimming properties and ultimate seamless comfort for women who have undergone delivery by C-section. The company has recently expanded with a line of slimming panties for all post-partum women, not just those recovering from Cesarean deliveries, and hopes to further expand its product range using its new patented technology.

"It is amazing to be recognized with a patent," said Catherine Brooks, owner and chief executive officer of C-Panty, who founded the line after her own unexpected C-section. "It seemed obvious, knowing the length of recovery from surgery and considering the massive changes in a woman’s body during and after pregnancy that there should be something to help C-section recovery along ... it is exciting for us to offer all moms, C-section or not, a way to feel a bit more comfortable and fabulous."

C-Panty products are available at online retailers and maternity boutiques in the United States, Canada and Europe, including Destination Maternity and

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Published 08-25-2011 by Katherine Rautenberg

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