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A look from Pink Lipstick by International Intimates. A look from Pink Lipstick by International Intimates. A look from Pink Lipstick by International Intimates. A look from Pink Lipstick by International Intimates. A look from Pink Lipstick by International Intimates.
A look from Pink Lipstick by International Intimates.

Added: Jan 2012
A look from Pink Lipstick by International Intimates.

Added: Jan 2012
A look from Pink Lipstick by International Intimates.

Added: Jan 2012
A look from Pink Lipstick by International Intimates.

Added: Jan 2012
A look from Pink Lipstick by International Intimates.

Added: Jan 2012

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Pink Lipstick is New Brand from René Rofé

Wilson Kello, creative director at International Intimates.
Wilson Kello, creative director at International Intimates.

(Filed Under wholesale Lingerie News). BODY Magazine publisher and editor-in-chief Nick Monjo interviewed Wilson Kello, creative director of International Intimates, about the introduction of Pink Lipstick, the company’s newest sexy collection.

Nick: International Intimates has just introduced Pink Lipstick, a collection of revealing and sexy lingerie, dresses and hosiery. You will be making an official launch at the upcoming International Lingerie Show. What are the main reasons for the introduction?

Wilson: Pink Lipstick was created to fill a gap in the market, the gap between classic boudoir lingerie and so-called "exoticwear." No other line exists that designs for and markets directly to the new generation of sexy lingerie customers: young, wild, party animals who want stretchy seamless fabric, bright colors, and fun, affordable items they can actually wear out. We’re excited to introduce this meticulously merchandised range of racy, outrageous partywear at prices only International Intimates can offer.

Nick: How is this collection different from the sexy collection of lingerie and hosiery you launched in the fall of 2008 and have previously shown at the ILS under the René Rofé Lingerie label? Will that collection continue or is Pink Lipstick a replacement of that sexy group?

Wilson: Pink Lipstick was explicitly created to coexist with our existing sexy packaged line, so there’s absolutely no overlap in the product range. By keeping René Rofé Sexy in the world of classic boudoir lingerie, and Pink Lipstick in a younger, more colorful, flashier world, we’re able to run two lines which don’t cannibalize one another. 

Nick: What consumer and store is Pink Lipstick directed at?

Wilson: Based on the initial reaction from our customers, we guarantee anyone currently carrying sexy lingerie and/or clubwear will do very well with Pink Lipstick. Once the goods are on the wall, they sell. The package design, product range and price point simply can’t be beat.

Nick: Will other René Rofé collections continue to be shown at ILS or will only Pink Lipstick be shown?  

Wilson: We have a brand new booth for René Rofé Lingerie at ILS where the entire line will continue to be shown as it has since 2006. 

Nick: What are the suggested retail price ranges for Pink Lipstick? 

Wilson: The pricing is extremely competitive — customers can continue to expect the incredible value International Intimates has always offered.

Nick: What kind of a reaction have you gotten from retailers and consumers so far? 

Wilson: Pink Lipstick recently started shipping, and the orders are rolling in. Many customers are already placing significant reorders. I would rate more than half the styles in stock as proven winners — styles we’ve already had to reorder based on demand. We’ve been approached by numerous distributors regarding exclusivity in the U.S. and overseas, so my conservative reply is that the response has been very strong. As for consumers, it’s amazing how many of our model search contestants submit pictures of themselves wearing Pink Lipstick Lingerie. You have no idea how amazing it feels to see a complete stranger rocking your brand and looking great!

Nick: The Pink Lipstick website,, shows about 40 silhouettes currently. Will the offering expand? How so and over what time frame?

Wilson: What we have online now is just half of the Pink Lipstick story. We’re introducing 30 more new styles of hot, affordable packaged clubwear at ILS — sequin mini dresses, for instance — that the girl can actually wear out, retailing at about half the price of similar items currently in the market. After that we’ll grow by listening to our customers, expanding in areas where there’s heavy demand, and continuing to stay ahead of the competition with new and different styles.

Nick: Will you use the Pink Lipstick website to aggressively sell to the consumer? 

Wilson: We knew we needed a strong web presence to promote the brand lifestyle, but we just didn’t know how quickly it was going to take off! Within just a few weeks of going live, and with zero marketing, the website accumulated thousands of unique views, so we knew we were really on to something with Pink Lipstick. It’s the right brand at the right time. In 2012, we’ll be focusing more resources on building and maintaining our fast-growing online following and doing everything we can to convert that following into sales. 

Nick: Tell me more about the model search and its purpose. Is this a way to engage consumers in the brand?

Wilson: The model search is a way to involve the consumer in the brand, and a way to generate captivating proprietary content. Already we’ve gotten so many great submissions, and soon we’ll start posting them on Facebook and allowing people to vote for the winners. You’re going to love some of these pics!

Nick: What kinds of events do you plan for Pink Lipstick?

Wilson: Later this year Pink Lipstick will announce the model search finalists, and fly one lucky girl to New York for a photo shoot and shopping weekend. We will also be sponsoring parties in select international cities, hosting in-store signings with Pink Lipstick models at top retailers and planning more events to be announced throughout the year. We’re always looking for a good excuse to party!

Nick: Who are the people behind Pink Lipstick in terms of sales, management and design? Who should retailers contact to purchase the line?

Wilson: Pink Lipstick is an International Intimates brand, and as such it’s a collaborative creation of the staff under René’s indispensable guidance. The sales team is the same trusted III sales team, and all inquiries should be directed to

Nick: What are your expectations for Pink Lipstick in terms of annual sales?

Wilson: Pink Lipstick is a strong competitor in the world of sexy packaged lingerie; we expect sales to reflect that.

Nick: Please add anything else about Pink Lipstick and III that you would care to share. 

Wilson: For retailers, Pink Lipstick a huge value. It’s a very affordable, high-margin product in a great package, from a company that’s known for always being in stock and shipping quickly with no hassles. We have beautiful pictures and product descriptions for every style, so e-tailers can set up their web stores in a flash. We’re doing our part to keep the consumer informed and excited with a sexy website, daily Facebook and Twitter updates, online videos, and more. Pink Lipstick is growing fast, so join the party!

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Published 01-16-2012 by Katherine Rautenberg

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