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Pink Diamond is Newest Dreamgirl Packaging

(Filed Under Adult News). Pink Diamond is the newest packaging concept concept from Dreamgirl, joining the company’s Red Diamond package collection for 2012. The new packaging is being used to house the company’s newest collection, ENCORE.

“Each Pink Diamond box has a brilliant hot pink diamond at the top, enlarged front and back images, enhanced plastic windows on both sides of the box for easy viewing,” according to the company. “The Pink Diamond Collection consists of One Size Fits Most and One Size Fits Most Queen,” styles and many inlcude a matching thong or g-string. Wholesale prices range from $7.95 to $12.95 wholesale for regular and plus, respectively. All Pink Diamond styles will be ready to ship starting March 15th, 2012.

“We are launching our new Pink Diamond packaging this year in conjunction with the debut of an exciting contemporary lingerie catalogue entitled ENCORE,” explained CEO Christopher Scharff. “We have introduced new elements to enhance an already great program. We think the new packaging will increase sales by creating a strong statement for our retailer’s wall systems. In addition, our design team has worked hard to create a new lingerie collection with a bold and modern feel for our consumer.”

The shape of the new Pink Diamond box is the same as our Red Diamond package. “When merchandised on a wall, the intense hot pink Diamond bolstered by the optic white frame will be a beacon of light, bright, sexy color to attract the customer’s eye from across the room,” according to the company. “Pink Diamond was created with a flair for fashion forward trends to encourage younger, hipper customers to embrace packaged lingerie.”

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