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Bradelis Flagship Opens April in Manhattan

Rendering of New Bradelis Shop at 211 Elizabeth
Rendering of New Bradelis Shop at 211 Elizabeth

(Filed Under wholesale Lingerie News). Gold Flag Ltd., a Japan-based producer of intimates and underwear and the operator of a chain of retail stores in Japan, China and the U.S., plans to open a flagship Bradelis New York store in Nolita on April 27.

The 1000-square-foot shop will provide a showcase for the company’s Bradelis (pronouced bra-de-lease) bras and other intimates, as well as offering NuBra adhesive bras and other brands including Le Fee Verte, Maison Close and Cosabella, according to Lana Sanders of Gold Flag USA.

Sanders explained that two other New York stores (one in Queens, one on Madison Avenue), which have operated under the name Ripplu (and which had been co-owned by Ripplu Co., Ltd of Japan and Gold Flag) were recently taken over in their entirety by Gold Flag. By summer they will both be refurbished and renamed, Bradelis. Gold Flag already operates 17 Bradelis freestanding stores or shop-in-a-shop outlets worldwide, one in Torrance, California, 13 in Japan and three in China. Gold Flag also sells on QVC and other shopping networks in Japan.

Gold Flag produces undergarments, apparel, and accessories under a variety of additional labels which it uses in Asia and the US, including Modal, Easy Top, and Hotel Bavarois. It produces underwear and pajamas for men, as well as sleepwear and other apparel for women. Gold Flag supplies a variety of department and other stores around the world in addition to its own boutiques. The privately held company is owned by Akiyo Hirakubo.

While Gold Flag’s “long term goals” include plans to wholesale its products to other U.S stores, its immediate focus is on opening the flagship store at 211 Elizabeth Street, and redesigning the existing U.S. retail locations said Sanders.

Gold Flag opened its first Ripplu shop in New York in 1994 with the emphasis on providing extraordinary fit with its signature line of Bradelis bras. From the start the company provided an additional, free, custom fitting service to its customers. Sanders explained that clients may, at any time during the life of the bra, return to have the garment readjusted, free of charge, as the need may arise. The standard Bradelis bras range in price from $60  to $160.

This year Gold Flag introduced a new collection of backless, strapless adhesive bra it designed utilizing the manufacturing facilities of Bragel International, the maker of NuBra adhesive bras. The “NuBra x Bradelis New York” collection, which was exhibited in the Bragel booth at the most recent Curve shows in Las Vegas and New York, are emphatically meant to be seen. Some styles have a bold leopard pattern, others are encrusted with Swarovski crystals, beads, sequins or embroidery.  Several sport a prominent bow, set either between the breasts or atop the cup of a single breast. Some styles glimmer with a mass of gleaming silver sequins, some are profusely trimmed across the top with ruffles. “Bradelis makes it more of a fashion statement,” said Sanders. “It combines the support and enhancement that NuBra offers with fashionable excitement.” 

Bradelis envisions women exposing a portion of these bras, perhaps through a semi transparent blouse, or in the open cleavage. In a publicity photo displayed at Curve a model is shown in a very low cut evening gown which reveals the upper half of a Bradelis bra decorated with a prominent black sequin bow atop the right cup.

In addition to being available at retail in its own stores, the new Bradelis adhesive bras are also being offered on a wholesale basis to all other stores through Bragel International (Daren Peng, 909 598 8808, ext. 222, Retail prices range up to $220 for some of the more elaborate styles.

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Published 03-13-2012 by Nick Monjo

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Bradelis Flagship Opens April in Manhattan

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