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A look from Luli Bulle from Luli. Bra Style# BUM 112 and Panty Style#  BUS 112. Bifou from Luli. Bra Style# BM 112 and Panty Style# BS 112. Clementine from Luli. Bra Style# CM 112 and Panty Style#  CS 112. Alice from Luli. Bra Style# AM 112 and Panty Style# AS 112.
A look from Luli

Added: Jun 2012
Bulle from Luli. Bra Style# BUM 112 and Panty Style# BUS 112.

Added: Mar 2012
Bifou from Luli. Bra Style# BM 112 and Panty Style# BS 112.

Added: Mar 2012
Clementine from Luli. Bra Style# CM 112 and Panty Style# CS 112.

Added: Mar 2012
Alice from Luli. Bra Style# AM 112 and Panty Style# AS 112.

Added: Mar 2012

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Luli: French With Great Colors, Modest Prices

(Filed Under wholesale Lingerie News). Providing a wide range of colors, as well as an emphasis on selecting shades in each group to enhance a customer’s ability to mix and match pieces across its entire range are the hallmarks of Luli Paris, a brand which made its Curve debut at the recent show in New York.

Distribution of the collection in North America is in the hands of Mathieu Desjardins of Cruise & Co Fashion Inc., whose company also handles the Pain de Sucre, Suggest and Paladini high-end lingerie and swimwear lines. Also at the Cruise & Co. Fashion booth during the CurveNY show was Jean-Luc David, general director of Luli. His remarks about his company were translated by Desjardins.

Desjardins explained that he added the new French line to his distributorship to provide his customers options in the lower price ranges. Retail prices for Luli’s bra in the “basic” collections range from $24,95 to about $29,95. Bras in the more elaborately fashioned “luxury” collection, retail from $39,95 to $59,95. Retail prices for the panties in the basic grouping range in price from $12,95 to $14,95; in the “luxury” collections, from $19,95 to $25,95 . The entire line is produced in China at a dedicated factory.

The selection of styles and colors is quite large for a modest-sized (annual sales are in the €6 to €7 million range) six-year-old company. In all there are about two dozen groups (all of which are being offered by Desjardins in North America). And within each group there are at least two bra and two panty silhouettes. And then there are all the colors: capuccino, mocca, clementine, violine, dark grey, passion red, ocre, lila, abricot, blue faience, aqua, rose, grenadine, powder yellow, light grey and so on.

We especially like the Bulle group, decorated with lace that suggests a profusion of different-shaped champagne bubbles. Another group, Plume features a grey bra covered in while polka dots. Fluttering above the cups, a flush of bright orange lace.

According to Desjardins, Luli will be shipping to a variety of better stores in the U.S. including, Top Drawer Lingerie, Bardot Lingerie in New Jersey, Epstein’s in Tuckahoe, New York and Hope Chest in Pennsylvania. Desjardin explained that he is targeting both boutiques and department stores in North America, and a wide range of customers. There is, he acknowledged, much “missionary work that needs to be done.”

David added that on the international scene, the company has been selling in France, Taiwan, Korea and Canada. The company is looking to expand in mainland China and is planning to open a showroom in Shanghai. Overall, he said, he shipped about 800,000 units in 2011.

Much thought has gone into the way customers perceive the brand. David says he wants customers to immediately realize the emphasis on a broad range of colors and the mix and match possiblities. In the Curve booth he had mounted nine bras, all of the same style, all in a different color, so as to suggest what his collection might look like displayed in a retail setting. And as he and Desjardins ran through the line with BODY, each frequently held up a piece of lingerie to show how that particular color would coordinate with what was on the board.

Next, David wants consumers to say to themselves, “This is well done. This must be expensive.” Then, he added, “When they turn over the tag, they are surprised” at the low cost. He said he wants them to say, “Nice quality for a very affordable price.”

David’s message to retailers who have not tried his product is that he always “ships on time and takes care of any problems.” Desjardins added, “This is a fantastic product for the U.S. It’s lingerie that fits the needs and tastes of the American woman.”

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Published 03-19-2012 by Nick Monjo

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