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A look from Spotlight. A look from Spotlight. A look from Spotlight. A look from Spotlight. A look from Spotlight.
A look from Spotlight.

Added: Apr 2012
A look from Spotlight.

Added: Apr 2012
A look from Spotlight.

Added: Apr 2012
A look from Spotlight.

Added: Apr 2012
A look from Spotlight.

Added: Apr 2012

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Spotlight: Complex New Body Stocking Line

(Filed Under wholesale Hosiery News). Spotlight Hosiery is a company launched late last year that focuses on elaborate body stockings and a variety of other sheer, seamless garments that often combine hosiery, faux garters and a top, all in one piece. Headquartered in El Monte, California, with production in Taiwan, the firm has ambitious plans for expansion in the U.S. Spotlight’s weapon? Its obvious expertise in producing a wide and wild variety of styles in the somewhat less contested body stocking niche.

Showing the collection at the firm’s first trade show, the March International Lingerie Show in Las Vegas, sales associate John Lee said wholesale prices generally range from $6 to $12, with a few styles going up to $14. Currently he offers 53 designs, but will have “another 35 styles in June and more than 150 items at the next show” in September.

There seems to be very little in the collection that is plain or simple; rather each style often combines several different patterns or concepts into a single piece. Almost like the guy who programs the seamless machines is showing off. For example, one design that was displayed in a poster at the ILS booth features a sleeveless lace top and mid-thigh stockings that are joined with faux “garter straps.” Knitted all in one piece, the garment is shown with a separate panty. Top and stockings are covered with large, knitted flowers. In counterpoint to the organic theme of the underlying garment, a mass of 30 circular holes run up the torso, and on each shoulder there is a total of six narrow shoulder straps – for a garment total of 16 straps in all (counting the garters).

The company’s “suspender body stocking” shown on its website, starts with a long-sleeved jacket-like top in sheer lace. The top ends high on the rib cage and is open in front to expose the breasts. This top is attached with long suspenders to the stockings. Again, this is a seamless, one piece garment (with no thong or bra included).

The “Teddy Garter Stocking” combines a stylized bra, thong, garter belt and stockings all into one seamless garment. Each shoulder has three straps, and a total of eight more straps are used to connect the bra to the faux garter belt. From there on down, more straps: a total of 12 are used to connect garter belt to the stockings. Total strap count: 26.

And so it goes throughout the Spotlight collection; a heavy use of patterned lace, unusual silhouettes, mixed themes and lots of straps presented in a wide variety of garments whose names themselves are complicated. There is the “basques style garter dress,” the “criss cross front teddy,” the “one piece garter body stocking with music notes,” the “lace up floral body stocking with chevron pattern,” the “basques style one piece garter body stocking with floral vine design.” But, yes, there are simpler silhouettes like tights and stockings, albeit with complicated patterns.

Lee emphasized that the company has a “strong design group” in Taiwan, and has been concentrating on elaborate hosiery for about six years. While Spotlight has private label customers it is now concentrating on launching its brand in the US.

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Published 04-06-2012 by Nick Monjo

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Spotlight: Complex New Body Stocking Line

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