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A look from Twisted Sisters. A look from Twisted Sisters. A look from Twisted Sisters. A look from Twisted Sisters. A look from Twisted Sisters.
A look from Twisted Sisters.

Added: Jun 2012
A look from Twisted Sisters.

Added: Jun 2012
A look from Twisted Sisters.

Added: Jun 2012
A look from Twisted Sisters.

Added: Jun 2012
A look from Twisted Sisters.

Added: Jun 2012

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Twisted Sisters: New Canadian Lingerie Line

(Filed Under wholesale Lingerie News). Twisted Sisters is a new Canadian label offering both lingerie and ready-to-wear, launched in February 2012 by designer Maria Mak.

No, her sisters are not her partners, although she does have two with “whom I shared lots of fashion tips and clothing with.” Instead, “We used the name Twisted sisters because we believe that each piece in the collection has a twist. It might be a special detail that one wouldn’t expect to have, or another way to wear the piece, or literally a twist in the dress. It symbolize the special attention that we pay to each piece in the collection.” In addition, she added in an email interview with BODY, “I wanted to spread the idea of intimate and valuable times with one’s sisters, especially when it comes to shopping and lingerie.”

“Our lingerie line mainly focuses on nightgown dresses and robes,” she explained of the first collection, entitled, Twisty Nights. “Wholesale prices for silk long dresses and robes are from $89 to $139 [U.S.$]. Silk short dresses and jumpsuits are from $59 to $99. Suggested retail prices for items are roughly around 2.2 times to 2.5 times wholesale prices.”

Mak was raised in Toronto and graduated at Ryerson University, her graduation show collection sponsored by the Fur Council of Canada, according to her online biography, which states she was chosen as one of the top ten finalists for the Young International Fashion Designer Competition in 2002. She “has also won fashion awards during her years in university, including the Best Ladies Wear and Best Futuristic Wear in CCFDA (Toronto, Canada).” After school she designed for “multiple international brand names.”

Mak “feels like there is a lack of affordable yet well crafted nightwear in the market,” according to a press release that announced the launch, “therefore, she created the line to fill the niche yet fulfilling many women’s dream to be sexy and elegant even at night in their homes. The lingerie line, mainly specializing in silk and lace long dresses, is a seductive, sophisticated, high quality choice for our exquisite clientele. The wearer will become confident and passionate, which will lead us to beautify our clients, both inner and outer.”

Based on initial orders and inquiries about the first collection, “customers tend to like the silk long robe, “ SIRI”, especially in the “misty lavender” color. The lace body suit (Enza) and the halter twisted dress (Darise) are also popular,” said Mak. In all there are now 17 intimate looks on the company website.

Twisted Sister is represented in the U.S. by [ édité ] in Manhattan, Style Society in Canada (RTW only) and is in discussion with a UK agent. “Our short term plan for the U.S. market is firstly have more renowned shops to carry our line,” and eventually “to have our own shop.” The lingerie is currently sold in such U.S. stores as Femme by Ashley, a new shop in Red Bank, NJ, and CoCo Pari, a high end boutique in the same town.

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Published 06-02-2012 by Nick Monjo

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Twisted Sisters: New Canadian Lingerie Line

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