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Black Basque (style 1870) Ruffled Bikini (style 1869) Belly Dancer (style 1877) Belly Dancer (style 1877) , back view
Black Basque (style 1870)

Added: Sep 2012
Ruffled Bikini (style 1869)

Added: Sep 2012
Belly Dancer (style 1877)

Added: Sep 2012
Belly Dancer (style 1877) , back view

Added: Sep 2012

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Rimba’s New 68-Page “Erotic Fashion” Catalog

(Filed Under wholesale Lingerie News). Rimba, a sexy apparel and adult toy producer in The Netherlands, has just published a new 68-page “erotic fashion” catalog which includes lingerie, sleepwear, hosiery, costumes (mostly of the bedroom variety) and a small collections of sexy men’s underwear.

U.S. prices are moderate. For example an elaborate “Ruffled Bikini” (style 1869), both the panty and bra composed of waves of pink and black lace, topped off with pink bows, wholesales for $21.81 and has a suggested retail price of $38.95. Another standout (style 1870), a black basque covered in gold lace, which comes with a matching thong and stockings, wholesales for $30.77 and has a suggested retail of $54.95. In all the company offers “over 300 unique items,” explained Charles Cook of the W.P. Store in Wisconsin, who handles the line in the U.S. “If a shop is looking for a wide variety of lingerie for both women and men, that you won’t find in the mall, Rimba has it!” He added, “Rimba typically uses nylon and polyester blends with spandex, 90/10 or 95/5.” There is also a rubber and latex collection pictured in a separate 20-page catalog.

According to Cook, “Rimba’s lingerie production is split between their factory in The Netherlands and their factory in the UK. Our main warehouse is in The Netherlands and our secondary North American warehouse is just north of Chicago.” This guarantees rapid delivery for U.S. orders. Overall, “Rimba is sold throughout the world in over 63 countries to over 1500 shops.”

“Rimba is a company with strong European roots,” continued Cook. “This trends us towards sexier, edgy designs that may be considered too erotic for some shops. However, if a shop is looking for sexy, Rimba has it! Being European-based also affects sizing. Size XL is as big as they need to offer in Europe, so we offer sizes, S,M,L and XL, where XL is more for a height and weight proportionate six foot tall woman.” Why consider the brand for a store in this country? “Rimba offers variety and quality at a reasonable price. We cross a lot of boundaries with our products line. We have simple standard sexy lingerie items, to costumes, to the wild and crazy.”

“Rimba has always prided itself in being small shop friendly,” continued Cook. “We don’t have any quantity minimums. If you place your order on-line when logged into your account with a credit card, we don’t even have a minimum order value! However, we do have a minimum of $250 for orders faxed, phoned, e-mailed, or orders on open accounts.”

Rimba was founded in 1971 and is based in Etten-Leur, in the south of The Netherlands. According to its web site it “only sells direct to wholesalers and retailers” and does not sell direct to consumers. Cook explained that “Toni J. is our sales manager in North America: 800-260-2883 or 262-446-2883. In Europe, contact Lionne:, 31-76-541-4484.

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Published 09-27-2012 by Nick Monjo

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Rimba’s New 68-Page “Erotic Fashion” Catalog

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