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A Delicious model. Delicious: SWAT. Delicious: SWAT. Delicious: Inferno devil.  Delicious: Inferno devil.
A Delicious model.

Added: Mar 2012
Delicious: SWAT.

Added: Apr 2011
Delicious: SWAT.

Added: Apr 2011
Delicious: Inferno devil.

Added: Apr 2011
Delicious: Inferno devil.

Added: Apr 2011

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Gatto: How Delicious Sees Costumes in 2013

(Filed Under wholesale Costume News). In our continuing series of interviews with key players in the costume industry, we present a Q & A with Patty Gatto at Delicious.

BODY: What are the most unexpected TRENDS you have noticed in the costume business?

Patty Gatto, Delicious: While not really unexpected, we did see a noticeable increase in use of accessories to create individualized costumes.

BODY: What are the three or four dominant or “must have” costumes?

Gatto: For women we still see strong sales in flappers, genies and goddesses, all very feminine styles. Fur and animal themes are also going strong.

BODY: How will this change for next Halloween, 2013?

Gatto: Don’t anticipate this to change but may perhaps see additional characters become popular in 2013.

BODY: A lot has been said of the fact that Halloween falls in the middle of the week this year (as it did in 2012). Has this had (and will it have) a major impact on your business vs. other years?

Gatto: Mid-week Halloweens are obviously not as favorable as there may be some drop-offs of parties from weekend Halloweens. Adverse weather events played a bigger issue in certain areas.

BODY: Licensing has always been important for costumes. Is the impact of licensed product continuing as strong as ever?

Gatto: Yes, licensed products resonate strongly with consumers who often associate with characters they see in various media. For us, Playboy has been a strong license that continuous to grow.

BODY: Do you see a trend to buying costumes LATER in the year or EARLIER in the year?

Gatto: Purchasing trends vary based on the customer. Larger multi-store chains buy earlier and smaller retailers tend to purchase later.

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Published 12-10-2012 by -

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