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Crème Bralée by QT Intimates Crème Bralée by QT Intimates Crème Bralée by QT Intimates
Crème Bralée by QT Intimates

Added: Sep 2014
Crème Bralée by QT Intimates

Added: Sep 2014
Crème Bralée by QT Intimates

Added: Sep 2014

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QT Intimates Adds Zoe, Raquel to Crème Bralée

(Filed Under wholesale Lingerie News). QT is adding two new groups to its new Crème Bralée line according to Meryl Kutzin, vice president production and merchandising. “We are constantly bringing new design concepts,” she emphasized. “Our next two collections are Zoe and Raquel.”

“Zoe is a beautiful venise lace unpadded wire bra with matching panty in black and mink colors. The fit is similar to our popular Colette style. Raquel is a gorgeous unpadded wired two tone bra in pearl with black lace overlay and raspberry with black overlay lace. The panty is a pretty silhouette that will enhance all body types. We also added red to our popular padded color blocked Bettina. Bettina was originally offered in capri/black and nude/black and from customer feedback we decided to add the red (available for October delivery). We are currently working on Spring and Fall 2014 collections,” Kutzin added.

Currently QT offers “six collections, plus the two new collections for Fall 2013. Five more collections are in design and fit stages for Spring and Fall 2014.” QT is also planning to expand the range of sizes it offers in the French-flavored label. “Feedback on the Crème Bralée line has been terrific and our customers have asked us to expand the size range to include smaller bands and bigger cups. Although we are adding the extra sizes, unfortunately stock won’t be available for the new size range until later in the year.”

Stores that already buy Crème Bralée include The Fitting Room in Illinois, Teresa’s Perfect Fit in Tennessee, Flannel and Lace in New Jersey, Hips and Curves, Love Fifi and Chelsea Manor (web stores based in California), Her Room, as well as Brazen Lingerie and Fresh Pair.

Asked why the line has already been so well received, Kutzin explained, “Our European inspired designs and luxurious fabrics, available at an affordable price, make our line a true standout. After consulting with buyers throughout the industry, we were able to identify a void in the market. Crème Bralée was designed to fit that need and round out the retailers assortment. The intimate apparel market continues to remain flush with brands, but our styling, our price point, and our dedication to our customers makes QT Intimates and Crème Bralée a winning combination.”

“Our design and merchandising teams are excited by the initial reaction to the launch of the Crème Bralée line,” she concluded. “And we are all very anxious to continue to develop beautiful lingerie for the Crème Bralée customer.”

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