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A look from Dana co. A look from Dana co. Natori by Dana Co Spring 2012 Collection. Natori by Dana Co Spring 2012 Collection. Natori by Dana Co Spring 2012 Collection.
A look from Dana co.

Added: Jun 2012
A look from Dana co.

Added: Jun 2012
Natori by Dana Co Spring 2012 Collection.

Added: Feb 2012
Natori by Dana Co Spring 2012 Collection.

Added: Feb 2012
Natori by Dana Co Spring 2012 Collection.

Added: Feb 2012

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Interview: The Case For N Natori Full Figure

(Filed Under wholesale Lingerie News). Dana-Co recently expanded its licensed collection of Natori intimates to include a full figure group under the N Natori brand. BODY publisher Nick Monjo interviewed Dana-Co vice president of global sales Rob Gardner about the various aspects that set N Natori apart from the rest of the full figure bra market. N will be shown next at the Curve shows in both New York and Las Vegas.

MONJO: Large cup bras, full figure intimates are a very hot category right now. Retailers have a lot of choices.

GARDNER: Retailers do have a lot of choices. There are some comfortable, supportive full figure bras out there. There are a few that are pretty. There are very, very few that are both. The full figure customer has had to sacrifice fashion for function. It’s hard to find something that makes a woman feel comfortable and pretty. And, until now, it was impossible to find a trusted designer who wanted to speak to these women. N Natori does this.

MONJO: What are the two or three best reasons why a retailer should try N in their stores?

GARDNER: The main reason, again, is the melding of style and functionality. Another is that we’ve carefully controlled the distribution of N. We’ve really focused on growing the boutique and online business rather than department stores. We’ve only partnered with one department store and that’s because of their prowess in the full figure arena. So when a boutique carries N they can be confident they won’t have to deal with a department store giving it away at a discount, and they can confidently offer their customers something they’re going to find very few places.

MONJO: Why is N a better way to go than other full size bra cup brands?

GARDNER: The economy still isn’t as strong as any of us want it to be. Consumers are spending again, but they’ve learned how to be much more discerning with their disposable income. They want more for their money. This is where strong brands come into play. Consumers trust brands that stand for quality, durability, comfort. The Natori endorsement on our N line tells consumers they can trust that all the attention to detail and quality that goes into Natori they can also expect to find in N.

MONJO: What can you tell buyers about the fit of the N bras?

GARDNER: N is a full figure line, constructed and designed to address full figure fit and comfort. All styles will be supportive, and give containment. Comfort features have also been added to support this body type, like cushion or gel straps and 2-ply backs.

MONJO: What about the background of Dana-co as it relates to making a better large cup bra?

GARDNER: Our Natori brand is very successful. Many of our bras run through G cups. We use the same checks and balances in N that we employ in Natori to insure comfort, fit and quality are never sacrificed. We also make bras for QVC, Kmart and others that gives us expertise in full figure fitting.

MONJO: From a design and fashion standpoint, why is N a better choice than other full cup brands?

GARDNER: N captures the essence of Natori style which is unique to the market. Other brands sacrifice styling and comfort for full figure. We have made a point of not doing this and try to still offer a designer touch to every style.

MONJO: What else can you say to stores considering the N collection?

GARDNER: N is a trend-right, fashionable and highly functional full figure foundations brand, the only one developed by major U.S. designer. Everything consumers have come to love in Natori, they can now find in N: superlative fabrics, excellent support, comfort at every touchpoint. And they can have it at retail around 20% lower than the Natori brand. But they can’t find it everywhere. Mostly at fine boutiques.

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Published 08-01-2013 by Nick Monjo

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