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Bra Drying Solution To Emerge

(Filed Under wholesale Accessories News). An idea that came to Alexander Farennikov in the fall of 2006 based on a conversation with his friend Karty’s regarding her problem with the conventional ways of drying her expensive bras.

Tumble drying them would cause damage to the padding, wiring and fabric, air dry would take too long and wouldn’t preserve the shape of the cups and drying bras with a hair dryer would be too much effort. The patent pending Bra Dryer, Farennikov thought, would be the best solution to efficiently dry bras without causing damage.

Based in California, Farennikov explained he found other similar contraptions in the market, such as BraBaby, Smart Broad or Bra Ball and “none of them would solve all three of the common problems associated with conventional ways of drying bras: damage to the bras, taking too long and taking too much effort,” he said.

Soon after the conversation with Karty, Farennikov bought a 34C mannequin on Ebay and several different styles from a lingerie store. “I would put these bras on the mannequin and outline the cups and straps, which gave me an excellent idea for the shape of the device and areas which would have to be ventilated,” he said. He continued to explain the technology: “The Bra Dryer will use mild heat and air flow to dry bras while the shape of the device will help keep cups in their original shape. Inside the device we’ll have one or a number of infrared lamps, which would help evaporate moisture from the bras without heating the air itself. And it will have a fan unit, which will blow air through the perforated areas and remove water vapors from the padding and fabric.”

The dryer will also come in different cups and torso sizes so the user can find her own perfect fit. Even though it is more suitable for padded bras, said Farennikov, it will also work on soft cup bras. “For soft cup bras, the Bra Dryer will do its job, except its main function of preserving shape of the cups.”

This year, Farennikov plans to fully engineer the entire device including blueprints for production, create prototypes and find funding for the manufacturing. “I expect to have Bra Dryer available for sale by the end of 2010,” he said. “We estimate that we’ll need about 18 months until we can start production and sales.” He also estimates the dryer will retail at around $100.

The initial plan is to sell the dryer on the company’s website at And other web-based stores such as, and more. “At the same time or immediately after that we plan to start selling it via catalogs, infomercials and distributors,” said Farennikov. “In fact, we’re already getting inquiries from distributors, including companies overseas. At the other hand, we’d like to try working with lingerie boutiques and do co-marketing with luxury lingerie brands such as La Perla, Myla, Cotton Club, Eres, etc.”

For further information, contact Alexander Farennikov, owner and head designer, at (310) 528-7477 or via email at or

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Published 02-27-2009 by Bruna Fernandes

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