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Crème Bralée by QT Intimates Crème Bralée by QT Intimates Crème Bralée by QT Intimates
Crème Bralée by QT Intimates

Added: Sep 2014
Crème Bralée by QT Intimates

Added: Sep 2014
Crème Bralée by QT Intimates

Added: Sep 2014

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New Styles From QT’s Crème Bralée Lingerie

(Filed Under wholesale Lingerie News). Crème Bralée Lingerie, Q-T Intimates’ brand for curvy women seeking larger cup sizes, is pushing forward with its sexy collections for spring 2014, adding new high-end looks, diversified color palettes and fashion-forward trims to existing designs, and launching the development of new styles.

Crème Bralée Lingerie designer Liz Marrell looked to current trends as inspiration for details in the designs, including rich jewel tones and powdery hues, ruching, embroidery, lace insets, crystal chandelier embellishments, and cut-outs and back seams on panties.

CBL’s new Raquel style features a black floral design on either pearl or raspberry tones with black vintage-inspired lace. The Josie set is a “sexy and festive” look that features beautiful “gold lurex embroidery for special occasions,” according to Marrell. Finally, the brand’s new Zoe line comes in black or mink and features venise lace for a look that is “the epitome of sophistication.”

“Our brand-new lace bra, the Zoe, would have to be my favorite right now,” Marrell said. “In black venise lace, it’s incredibly sexy and sophisticated, unlike anything I’ve seen out there for the full–busted, curvy woman. I just love how the lace peeks out on the hips of the panty.”

In existing styles, CBL added a red colorway to its Bettina line featuring black lace overlays, while floral-embroidered Collette now has a rich plum hue. “These colors look truly amazing on any skin tone,” Marrell noted.

CBL’s full-coverage bras retail in the $30 to $36 range and have matching panties available starting at $12. Several styles feature additional looks, such as boyshorts, thongs and garters.

Additionally, after two successful seasons, Crème Bralée Lingerie is moving forward with an “uber-sexy” collection Crème De La Crème, inspired by European luxury brand’s runway looks featuring luxe fabrics and design details that aren’t usually available in larger sizes and full-busted styles.

“The CBL woman is someone who radiates confidence in all aspects of their lives, from home to work to play,” Marrell said. “She is someone who enjoys sensuality without abandoning sophistication.”

In addition to CBL, Q-T produces a wide range of intimates and casual apparel, including shapewear, sleepwear and ballet dance lines, as well as a maternity collection produced under license from La Leche League International.

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Published 12-16-2013 by Katherine Rautenberg

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