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Black Fuchsia: Plans For More Growth in 2014

(Filed Under wholesale Lingerie News). Black Fuchsia, which started a few years ago as the small lingerie division of Just One, a sportswear firm, had become a dominant part of the company by 2013. This year it is poised to expand even further into the intimates market, with both its branded and private label offerings.

One explanation of the rapid growth could be the strong commitment to this category by the large Zaccai family management team which includes father Joseph and sons Elie, Mark and Albert. Another, the talents of designer Yelena Plotkin, who has been with the lingerie brand from the start (after working previously at firms such as International Intimates and Native Group).

A clear sign that the company is ready to expand rapidly, and has the ability and experience to satisfy the demands of a variety of tastes, can be seen in a partial list of its current customers. According to Mark Zaccai, the firm sells to “many specialty chain stores and department stores,” including H&M, Li & Fung, Fredericks of Hollywood, Stage Stores, Boscovs, Wet Seal, Spencers, Hot Topic, Forever 21 and Joyce Leslie.

Designer Plotkin discussed some of the design concepts that the company hopes will accelerate this year’s growth. “For Fall 2014 the Black Fuchsia brand is aiming to bring a great product to the market for an affordable price that will be a successful seller. It combines three main aspects: the sexy look, comfortable fit and practicality application. We aim for the customers to be highly satisfied with the product, begin to recognize/trust the brand and then come back time and time again for more.”

While she emphasized that her organization produces for a wide variety of firms and this year offers a “versatility of styles, colors and prints,” she identified four overall themes for 2014.

The first, Ethereal “is all about lightness and sensuality, represented through the shear fabrics and pastel shades. We are using nude tones and combining them with colors. For younger customers, we have nude tones with bright colors. For more mature customer, nude tones with a softer palette.”

A second theme, Animal Kingdom, “is about novelty animal design concepts in brown, rust and bronze tones.” In addition, said Plotkin, “there are some black/nude color combos with animal print accents or with small pop-up color embellishments like bows, ribbons or narrow laces.”

“Casual Glamour is a mysterious theme, represented by lace embellishments and novelty fabrics. We use black and white color combinations with some details to jazz up in bright purple, fuchsia or neon colors. There are two- tone purples combinations as well.”

“Playful is a sexy theme, where we use bright and unusual color mixtures.”

Within these overall themes for fall 2014, Plotkin noted, “We use novelty microfiber fabrics and meshes as well as novelty elastics and trims. We have combinations of all-over and narrow lace that are applied in a new way. We use soft molded pads that have flattering shape and a proper cup capacity.”

In general, retail prices for panties “range $5-15, bras $12-48 and baby dolls $32-54,” according to the designer. She noted that one difference from last fall is that this year “we are adding higher quality and higher price bras, panties, corsets and chemises for plus-size customers.”

This firm also “added a few new seamless styles to our shapewear collection for Fall 2014. One of them is a slip with removable bra pads. It not only slims in, but also offers a choice of two options of wearing it without the pads or with the pads, so there is no need to wear a bra which helps to eliminate the bulges under the arms that accrue when the bra wings tightly hug around the chest.”

“Another style that we added is a shapewear cami with a built in bra that also has removable pads and the same “two in one” approach as the slip.”

“We are also adding shapewear leggings that shape, slim and can be worn as [an] inner or outerwear garment, which can be worn with a short skirt or longer top,” continued Plotkin.

The sexy costume market has had its downs, and in 2013, some modest ups. So this might be a good time for Black Fuchsia to make its entrance into that market. “It is all about fun!” is how the designer describes the new collection. “Our costume corsets can be used for two characters, just by changing the accessories. At the same Halloween party with different accessories, one costume can become two different characters. After the Halloween party the same corset can be worn at another party or as a part of the cocktail attire that can be worn with skirts, pants/jeans and jackets. We hope that adding a twist of practicality to fashion corsets and bustiers,” said Plotkin, the new group will be “more desirable for our customers.”

For 2014 the company has expanded its plus collection. “To our size range we added bras in 38DD, 40DD, 42DD and 44D-44D. For chemises, corsets and panties we added sizes- 0, 1, 2 and 3.” The designer noted that “We offer most of our bras, bottoms and all other lingerie categories in plus sizes. However, there are a few styles that are great for junior sizes but not optimal for use in plus sizes.”

Asked to pick some areas of the fall line which have already become best sellers, Elie Zaccai stated, “Our long line bras have been very strong as well as our baby dolls, corsets, bustiers and chemises.”

Overall, said Plotkin of the intimates division, “It is growing every year and is more and more recognized.”

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