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Hanky Panky: Racy Line Hanky Panky: Racy Line Hanky Panky: Racy Line Hanky Panky Hanky Panky
Hanky Panky: Racy Line

Added: Apr 2011
Hanky Panky: Racy Line

Added: Apr 2011
Hanky Panky: Racy Line

Added: Apr 2011
Hanky Panky

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Hanky Panky

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Stefani, Hanky Panky Lingerie Collaboration

(Filed Under wholesale Lingerie News). Popular intimate apparel company Hanky Panky has announced a collaboration with L.A.M.B., the fashion label owned by musician and style icon Gwen Stefani, set to launch July 2014.

The new L.A.M.B. x HANKY PANKY collection includes four groups based on Hanky Panky’s bestselling styles with Stefani’s mix of pop, punk and tribal influences that she uses not only in her music, but her world-renowned L.A.M.B. fashion line.

Stefani, a solo artist and the lead singer of rock band No Doubt, founded L.A.M.B. — which stands for “Love. Angel. Music. Baby.” — in 2003 and it made its runway debut in 2004, the same year she released a solo album called “Love. Angel. Music. Baby.”

Stefani calls L.A.M.B. x HANKY PANKY “a dream collection” with its four collections: Geo, which features an edgy, vintage-inspired print in pink, rose, beige and black with lace accents in styles like a soft bra, camisole, boyshort, thong and fitted teddy.

The Old School English Jersey group features “Love. Angel. Music. Baby.” printed on soft modal jersey with hot pink rosette trim in bralette, hipster, thong and scoop-neck tank styles.

The Lambie Camo line features a pink, gray, white and neon yellow camouflage print in camisole, bralette, thong, G-string and boyshort silhouettes.

Finally, the Rasta Jersey & Rib group is based on Stefani’s ska and reggae music influences and features red, gold and green stitching on soft black modal knits. With black lace and gold hardware trim, these camisoles and other garments are meant to be worn either as underclothes as well as statement pieces.

Hanky Panky co-founder Gale Epstein praises Stefani’s empowerment and femininity with her music and design, saying the company is “excited to offer a collection of lingerie that connects women with their inner rock star!”

The summer collection will be available at major department stores as well as boutiques and

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Published 02-28-2014 by Katherine Rautenberg

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