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Black Fuchsia’s Success With Corsets, Bustiers

(Filed Under wholesale Lingerie News). Black Fuchsia reported that is is currently finding success with its collection of corsets and bustiers — and shared some of the secrets with BODY. The collection, which wholesales in the $7 to $10 range, can retail in department stores for $30 to $36 it says.

In today’s market, “the bottom line is the fashion” Elie Zaccai, an executive at the company told BODY. While price is always a factor, “the quality is great and the fashion is different than everyone else. Some brands dummy down their items for the sake of selling to the discounters. We don’t dummy down our products. We give customers the most for their money.”

Zaccai warned that simply creating the cheapest product is a mistake. Sometimes a slightly higher price works out better for a store: “You might pay 20 cents or a quarter” extra for a style, he said, ” but that additional detail or embellishment might dramtically increase the sell-through on an item.

Designer Yelena Plotkin listed some of the things that are her corsets and bustiers work well for the company right now. “All of our corsets can be wearable outside, to go to a party” she began, adding that most are provided with a matching g-string for use at home. Making the garments easier for the consumer to put on has also provided a big boost. “All of our bustiers have a closed back...we made a seam with a simple hook and eye [closure] like a bra would have.” In addition the company is also making “more corsets with the closure on the front.”

While the shades may change with the calendar, “red is good all year round” according to Plotkin, who believes some companies neglect the color — to their detriment — most of the year. Plotkin’s palatte ranges strong reds and “reddish lighter shades, corals, fuchsia, pastelly shades” in spring and summer.

While red is not the only color she uses, “we want to stick with sexy colors.”

This year the company has also added many new fabrics “we did not use” previously including “metallic fabrics, novelty fabrics, sequins with pleather.”

Zaccai said the growing collection of corsets and bustiers now includes “10 to 12 styles in mutliple colors, with some styles” also available in plus sizes.”

Top customers for the collection range from department stores to discounters to stores like Spencer Gifts and Spirit Halloween.

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