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Homme from Patrice Catanzaro

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Homme from Patrice Catanzaro

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French Fetish Lingerie Expanding Across U.S.

(Filed Under wholesale Lingerie News). Patrice Catanzaro, the French designer who focuses of fetish themed apparel and lingerie, continues to add new styles and collections, just as his impact on the U.S. market gradually expands.

For 2014 he is offering three new collections (while many of his best selling creations from the past continue to be available). There is “Lingerie 2” (his second lingerie specific collection); Tome 11 (a large new grouping of elaborate dresses, cat suits, bodysuits, leggings and many lingerie pieces); and Les P’tites Folies, Volume 3 (a somewhat less embellished, but equally compelling collection of club dresses, cat suits, bodysuits, leggings and pants).

While not every woman (or man) is brave enough to wear some of Catanzaro’s creations, it is impossible not to engage with his work. And many retailers who have added his line have found willing customers in their stores. “Our success is growing in [the] USA, Canada, and Japan,” wrote a spokesperson in response to questions from BODY, adding there are clear signs that vinyl is making “a great comeback.”

Catanzaro, who has both “haute couture training” and a background as a theater costume designer, imparts drama and elements of the unexpected into almost everything he creates. There is also an emphasis on “finishing of high quality [in his] corseterie.” The Marseilles-based designer has been working for three decades, and has exhibited in the U.S. at both the Curvexpo and International Lingerie Show for several years. While there have always been pieces in his collections that were appropriate for an intimate apparel trade show, in 2013 he introduced his first specific “Lingerie” collection.

This year’s lingerie expands on the 50 or so pieces he displayed in his first, 40-page catalog. Silhouettes include bras, cupless and otherwise, corselets, lots of garters, skirts, waist cinchers, g-strings, panties, collars, masks, gloves, boyshorts, bodysuits, transparent dresses, nighties and suspender belts. Black and shiny is the predominant look, although reds, whites and other colors might sometimes be used. Materials include wet look fabrics, vinyl, mesh and lace.

In addition to what would be formally considered lingerie, Catanzaro’s many apparel collections contain a variety of revealing or transparent dresses, shirts, pants and other styles that could easily be sold by an intimate apparel retailer.

A wide range of wholesale prices are offered across the many collections, which include mens apparel and underwear and Halloween looks. When the lingerie collection was introduced last year, wholesales prices for bras ranged from $20 to $51; g-strings started at $12 and went up to $33, and the highest price we saw on his line sheet was for a net waist cincher at $82.

So far in the U.S. market, the most popular lingerie oriented styles have been “the Annabelle string and bra, the Sweety catsuits and bodysuits, the Alvina dress, among others,” according to a company spokesperson. [Many of these designs can be seen on the BODY website]. Other company favorites include the “Arzela dress, Maiwenn dress, Estella dress, Juna bodysuit, Kana cape and skirt, whip gloves.”

The International Lingerie Show (ILS) has proved a successful venue for the designer. “It was the fifth time for us at ILS,” a spokesperson reported of the company’s showing in April. “We’ve always received an amazing welcome from retailers. The American retailers are very professional, they are always looking for creation, novelty, quality, know how. All our clients are doing well with our collections and come back at each ILS to see the new ones.”

Catanzaro told BODY he likes and draws inspiration from the U.S., and his commitment to this market has been met with growing success. “The number of clients is constantly increasing since the first show. We are now quite well represented on the North American market and the brand is now well known. We want to go on, by attending new shows in 2015, and communicating in magazines such as BODY,” declared the spokesperson.

“Fill in your shops with Catanzaro, you’ll not be disappointed and you’ll notice the success,” invited the source. “You’ll make money. Sourire [smile!]. What makes us different is the “made in France,” and the career of Patrice Catanzaro. He makes collections to please people, to make them dream.”

In past interviews, Catanzaro told BODY about a desire to open an American wholesale office, and the spokesperson confirmed recently, “We’d like to create a branch in the U.S., to handle our North American marketing, distribution and so on, in order to develop our business [in] this market and to be nearer [to] the retailers.” Currently the company does “all the necessary concerning transport and customs formalities and duties, so that the retailers have nothing more to pay or [do] when the parcels arrive.”

Retailers who currently carry Patrice Catanzaro range from high end boutiques to fetish and S and M oriented stores to sexier retailers. Among many current customers are the following examples: Luxe Lingerie in Beverly Hills, Fetish Factory in Ft. Lauderdale, Fascinations, Bondesque in Lyn-Lake, MN, The Pleasure Chest, Spartacus in Oregon, Oregon Entertainment, Wicked Temptations in California, Pure Delish in California, Spice of Life in Florida, Susie’s Delights in California and Trystology, the recently re-named shop in Ventura.

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Published 05-23-2014 by Nick Monjo

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