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Oh La La Cheri: Never Out Of Stock Program

(Filed Under wholesale Lingerie News). After a dramatic series of expansions in recent months into clubwear, swimwear and many more plus size styles, Oh La La Cheri will soon bolster the position of its core product, regular size intimates, with the launch of a “Never Out Of Stock” program.

“We selected about 20 sku’s, the bread and butter part of our business, and we put our money on those 20 top sku’s,” explained Tugdual Denis, the company’s vice president of sales. “We went very deep in terms of production,” to ensure that every piece in the line can always be ordered in quantity. The program launches in July.

Both hanging and boxed goods are offered. Styles include teddies, lingerie dresses, two bra and panty sets (one with a cupless bra) and four panties (two crotchless). A selection of different colors are available. Wholesale prices for the lingerie sets range from $7.95 to $23, with the panties wholesaling from $3 to $5.

Within the Never Out Of Stock collection are many of the strappy, unique silhouettes that set Oh La La Cheri lingerie apart.

In other company news, Denis reported that the company’s newest division, Swim by Oh La La Cheri (see BODY June issue) is already off to a strong start. The 19-piece introductory group has “managed to penetrate both channels of distribution,” the sexier lingerie shops that carry the firm’s lingerie, as well as more mainstream swim shops.

Five groups are included in the debut collection: Frosted Getaway, Dangerously Onyx, Palm Beach, Sherbet Safari and Native Jungle. Wholesale prices for the swimwear center around $20 for bikinis and $25 for the one-piece suits.

The company’s “lingerie inspired” clubwear collection, Jet Set by Oh La La Cheri, also “took off” after its introduction a few months ago. “It is very much an extension of the lingerie line,” emphasized Denis. “It has been very well received, mostly by the sexy and online stores.” Retailers that have already bought the collection range from Blackheart Lingerie online to Hustler, he said.

But the most dramatic launch of all for the company has been in the plus size arena. According to Denis, the reception of Curves by Oh La La Cheri, was “overwhelming. It is selling and penetrating every single one” of the retail channels in which the company competes. Denis named a range of stores including Bare Necessities, HerRoom, True & Co., Amazon “as well as the sexy stores.”

Denis attributes the strong start to a combination of factors: the plus segment of the overall apparel market is fast becoming its very largest. And the great fit and unique styling of Curves by Oh La La Cheri.

“We did not compromise fit over pretty,” he insisted. “This is a very good fitting product, engineered to fit a real plus size consumer.” The line incorporates “bigger straps, bigger hook and eye closures” and other similar details.

“The Curves collection was designed to be a mix of sexy and very pretty. At first we were afraid the price points might [be] an issue. But the consumer seems to be willing to spend an extra two or three bucks.” Generally the line has wholesale price points near $20 and retail prices that are below $50.

Oh La La Cheri is particularly excited about the future of this collection. “Retailers have been telling us that there is a shortage of supply. They tell us that it is hard to find the right product, the right fit, the right design when it comes to plus size. There is a big gap in the market, for fashion, edgy plus size lines at $50.” Denis added that plus is one of the principal areas, “where [there is] growth for us in the future.”

The successful introduction of the plus collection has led to a major expansion of the line. “We had 35 sku’s for the launch. I think we are looking at doubling the sku’s for fall,” said Denis.

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Published 06-13-2014 by Nick Monjo

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