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Prym: Bra Components With Ergonomic Design

Bra components shown in Prym’s Ergo collection brochure.
Bra components shown in Prym’s Ergo collection brochure.

(Filed Under wholesale Lingerie News). Prym Intimates, a leading maker of bra components, has introduced its Ergo Range, a collection that emphasizes ergonomical design. By redesigning bra closures, straps and wires it has come up with a collection that it says is not only more comfortable, but promotes better posture and health for the wearer.

According to the company, everything in Ergo collection, which includes a wide variety of options, meant to address the needs of different body types and consumers, is “the result of scientific research, sophisticated textile engineering and ergonomically sound design for an excellent fit to the body.”

Furthermore, Prym has patents on several of the innovations in the Ergo collection, making it the only place to find many of the improvements.

“The challenge today is how to provide the consumer with a more comfortable and user friendly product,” the company explained in its introduction to the collection. “In application, ergonomics is a discipline focused on making products and tasks comfortable and efficient for the user. Using proper posture and body mechanics, comfortable handles and grips as well as efficient layout are all aspects of ergonomics. Our development aim was to create lingerie components which help” make a bra that works “with the consumer body and not against it, make the consumer look and feel fabulous” and make “bra adjustments more easy and user friendly.”

According to Prym, “Wearing the wrong bra not only looks bad, can make breathing difficult and leaves ugly pressure marks but also puts the wearer at risk of various health problems. Neck, shoulder, middle and low back pain, pinched nerve in the neck and sagging breasts, even breast cancer are known to be related health problems (especially for larger women).”

“Ergonomic bra components by Prym Intimates are addressing a variety of requirements of ladies of every age, height, weight and size,” explained the company. They “give a slim look and nice shape to the bust line...provide a better fit and comfort to the body” and provide, “easy opening, closing and adjustment.”

One example is with the bra closures which “allow the consumer to “see by touching” at what position / row she is closing the bra.” This is done with different fabrics and textures that indicate the differences by touch.

The closures have also been designed to provide a better grip and make the opening and closing of the bra easier. Components are made to feel more comfortable during temperature extremes. “During hot summer or cold winter months, a consumer is getting hot or cold easily, [thus] bras made with special fabrics (cotton or wicking microfiber) can help to provide a more comfortable body temperature.”

Components are also made that allow “more adjustment options to provide the right comfort during the changes of the body during the month.” Closure components are offered that are contoured to the shape of the body, and a front adjust hook and eye system makes “closing and adjustment more easy (particular for older and larger women).”

Shoulder straps are another problem area addressed by the Ergo collection. “Shoulder straps are available in different forms starting from very thin to...broad. A common problem is too much load on the straps, which can cause pain in the upper region of the shoulder and nerve pain radiating down the arm. It can lead to poor posture and even migraines,” according to Prym. “A comfortable bra should have wide side bands and shoulder straps to support the breast tissue. Shoulder straps should have some cushioning and not too much stretch. Bra straps have to be long enough not too press into the shoulders and cause red marks and discomfort. Short bra straps can also cause the under-wire to dig uncomfortably into the rib cage. Another and according to one of the top five attributes that respondents in the survey wanted in a bra were the straps to stay in place (no sliding down) and not to slide down the shoulder.”

Prym offers “front-adjust ergonomic straps” that provide “extra long adjustment designed for a more precise fit,” as well as “easy front adjustment (particular for older and larger women)” as well as a “wide variety of shapes and sizes for less pressure into the shoulder...less body marks” and a variety of different cushioning materials, including foam, spacer and gel.

Prym’s “Stay for Sure Strap / Ergonomic R&S (non sliding adjusters)” are designed to “stay in place once adjusted (no sliding down of slides)” and “No sliding down of the strap over the shoulder.”

Under-wires, Prym noted, have “the ability to give a firm grip to the bust line and [are] used to retain the shape of the bra which ultimately will enhance the shape of the wearers figure. [They] plays an important role in supporting the breasts, helping reduce strain on the shoulders. The wire should lie under the breasts and on the rib cage - not creeping up on the breast tissue or poking in the under the arm (if the breast tissue is receiving pressure, this could lead to a plugged duct and ultimately mastitis or breast infection).”

To achieve a proper result, Prym’s new collection offers the “3D / Contour Wire.” In its introductory announcement the firm noted, “The current under-wires used in the market are not shaped to meet the horizontal cross sectional curvature of the body and [do] not fit the body properly. Eventually this [causes] the wire to poke the body and brings a level of discomfort to the wearer. Prym Intimates developed the 3D wire to bring a new comfort level to the bra. The 3D wire which is curved in all three dimensions matches perfectly the contour of the bust root, allowing the bra to fit the wearer more accurately. It fits the body well, provides optimum support and ultimate comfort.”

Prym explained that, by comparison, traditional wires do “not sit on the bust-root [but] instead, sit somewhere on the breast tissue.” Because traditional wires are not shaped to conform to the actual shape of the body, the wires can poke both the breast and the body on the side of the arm hole. Overall, traditional wires do “not provide full support to the bust,” while the 3D wires provide “optimum support by following exact body curvatures.”

Still more patented innovations in the Ergo collection can be found in its “Grip Factor Rings and Slides.” Here the company has found ways to make both of these common bra components far easier to adjust up or down, allowing the user to achieve a more exact fit. A company spokesperson emphasized that these are “patented product improvements that do not come with any additional cost.”

In an interesting graphic that accompanied its description of the Ergo collection, Prym showed an example of how the various components in its new collection can lead to a better posture in which the chin is raised, the bust elevated and the stomach is pulled in, putting the key elements of the body on a perpendicular center of gravity. Additional graphics show that a correct result can be achieved for a variety of different body shapes using the Ergo bra components.

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Published 06-25-2014 by -

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