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Pajameez from Shapeez Pajameez from Shapeez Pajameez from Shapeez Pajameez from Shapeez Pajameez from Shapeez
Pajameez from Shapeez

Added: Jul 2021
Pajameez from Shapeez

Added: Jul 2021
Pajameez from Shapeez

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Pajameez from Shapeez

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Pajameez from Shapeez

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Shapeez Health And Comfort Benefits Listed

The Shapeez “Ultimate”
The Shapeez “Ultimate”

(Filed Under wholesale Shapewear News). When company founder Staci Berner launched Shapeez with the Ultimate, a bra with a patented design that combined a support bra and a full back, she was not thinking about providing health benefits to thousands of women. She was looking to provide a comfortable, supportive bra that did not reveal, through outer clothing, the ugly lines and back bulges caused by most other bras.

But soon after that first Shapeez style was introduced to the market, the company began to receive “Thank You’s” from customers who not only appreciated the way the new bra made them look, but also how it made them feel.

Now, with close to a dozen different styles in the line, the company has amassed a large collection of letters from women (as well as at least one health care professional) describing how Shapeez products have eliminated the back pains caused by most other bras, or finally made it comfortable to wear a bra after various types of surgery or injury.

“I think the Unbelievabra created by Shapeez is the best bra that was ever built for your posture and for your back,” declared chiropractor Bret R. Staley in a video he prepared for his patients. In the video, (which can be found at this link: http: // Staley explained that most bras with narrow back bands put an extreme amount of pressure on just one or two middle back vertebrae. A key to avoiding back pains in general, he added, is to distribute pressure over a wide area, something that Shapeez bras, with their unique design, accomplish.

“That is by far the best design I have ever seen,” he continued. “There is great cup support in front. There really is no weight distribution to the shoulders that you find in so many other bras which causes a lot of the tension and stress that women feel in their upper back.”

Dr. Staley stated in the video that more “women than men by far have middle back pain,” which he indicated is evidence that the typical design of most bras is the cause. He concluded the video by announcing, “Staci you are a genius and this product is absolutely wonderful...”

In one letter provided by the company, this written in praise of the Shortee, a Shapeez design that provides a bit less back coverage than the original Ultimate bra, a customer wrote, “I have spent over $1000 looking for bras that are comfortable since my breast cancer surgery 2 yrs ago. I can’t stand the itchy back strap of all regular bras. Then I found the Shortee Shapeez at Von Maur. I can’t believe how much more comfort they provide. It’s like night and day. I’m am a happy woman now.”

Another letter from a breast cancer survivor declared, “Following a mastectomy with reconstruction in 2001 I was left with interior scar tissue right where the bra band goes around along with lymph edema in my left arm, back and torso. Since the surgery I’ve tried maybe 50 different bras and none were comfortable. Even mastectomy bras—which I don’t need—have a band. If I wore a bra big enough to not cut into the scar tissue it would creep around, making it pointless to wear. Several months ago I gave up on wearing a bra at all and went to camisoles and loose fitting tops. Then a couple of weeks ago I was able to find your website and I ordered the Ultimate.” After putting on the bra this customer reported, “I felt like I was in heaven! No pain!!! I kept the bra on and wore it to the party and even with overeating and picking up grandchildren it was supremely comfortable. I have since worn the bra to work for three days and even with up and down at my desk and in and out of the car I hardly know I’m wearing it. I am able to wear my more fitted clothes that long ago went to the back of my closet. It’s great to have a smoother appearance, but for me, the lack of discomfort from a band is truly amazing! Thank you for a great product!”

Another cancer patient, writing about the Ultimate bra, stated, “I had just about given up ever finding the right bra for me until I found you!! My problems were: uneven breast size (lumpectomy), constantly erect nipple (breast reduction surgery on the “other” side), back and midsection fat, and constant slippage of my left bra strap! Every bra I tried fixed one or more of my problems, but not all. This bra is wonderful, wonderful, wonderful. All the others I’m throwing away!”

Another customer found the Ultimate the answer following an injury. “After suffering a broken shoulder I find that no strap stays up except my Ultimate Bra. I wear a DDD cup and it is the most comfortable and supportive I have every found.”

Yet another woman reported, “I love the Shapeez Ultimate. I have upper back problems, which center right around the lower part of the back band of all bras. By wearing your Shapeez, I eliminate the back band and the pinched nerves in my back have given me less problems. Thank you for your help.”

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