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What Oh La La Cheri Is Doing To Grow In 2015

Plus styles in the Curves by Oh La La Cheri NOS program.
Plus styles in the Curves by Oh La La Cheri NOS program.

(Filed Under wholesale Lingerie News). Sales of the branded businesses at Oh La La Cheri, the Miami-based lingerie and swim company, have doubled in 2014 according to vice president sales Tugdual Denis. He explained the reasons why and revealed expansion plans for 2015, including a bigger never-out-of-stock program and a new plus swim collection, in an exclusive interview with BODY.

Denis attributed much of the 2014 sales growth to the “launch of three new lines of products”: the Curves plus size collection, the Jet Set line of sexy dresses, and a swimwear group. In addition, in mid-year Oh La La Cheri introduced a “NOS [never out of stock] program” in which the company pledged to always have available some of its best styles. In addition, Denis pointed to “A more acute understanding of our target demographics resulting in improved sell-in and sell-outs,” as well as “Tailored marketing programs deployed with key retailers (billboards, in store visual merchandising, product trainings, spiff [sales incentive] programs, etc..) having a positive impact on brand awareness and sales.”

Asked if he expect the sales momentum to continue in 2015, Denis declared, “We feel the landscape of the lingerie market has been changing dramatically over the past three years. We see the market craving fashion and edgy products. Mainstream retailers are now pushing sexy lingerie in their year-round product assortment and no longer only during Holiday and Valentine’s. Our brand has a bridge position between sexy and mainstream and there are a lot of market shares to grab in both areas of distribution. We are certainly expecting and hoping this momentum to continue in 2015. Our brand and products DNA (America meets Europe design flair) is better and better perceived and understood by buyers and consumers. We are very committed to our customers and we are trying very hard to build long term relationships based on delivering a great product with the right marketing support.”

One move to expand sales in 2015 will be to increase the number of styles in the NOS program from 15 this year to 45 by early next year. “Our retailers’ reaction exceeded our expectations and we have decided to grow our NOS to 45 styles, both a mix of standard and plus size, in 2015,” explained Denis. “It will gradually take effect throughout Q1 and Q2 with 50% of the new added styles being available as of January 1st and 50% of the new added styles being available as of March 1st.”

“While our brick and mortar business has been growing by 40% this year, an even bigger growth came from online retailers,” continued Denis. “Online business is all about being able to replenish on a weekly basis your core and key items. By keeping heavy inventory on those key items, we make sure that our retailers as well as ourselves do not miss on sales opportunity while keeping the momentum of those styles on their websites.”

The NOS program is composed of a “great variety of styles. The main focus is put on baby dolls, teddies, two piece bra/panty sets and crotchless panties. We’ll also be offering lace robes as well as seamless dresses in 2015. There is a mix of our core classic sexy line of products and more sexy, edgy styles.”

The sales executive pointed to some of the most important style numbers in the NOS program. “We’re excited to add our Eleyesh Group (#3111 #3112 #3113) as well as introducing #2139X (lace baby doll) and #0807X (burnout velvet teddy) in plus size (we only had 2139 and 0807 in standard size in 2014 NOS). We’re also introducing our fashion plus size best seller of 2014: 2161X and 2162X, a strappy look bra and matching garter belt.”

Another initiative that should spur growth for Oh La La Cheri is a new, 10-piece, plus size swim collection. “We’re excited to launch a small capsule of plus size swim which will ship in February, 2015,” said Denis. “There has been a growing demand from our retailers for plus size swim and we are thrilled to launch this test collection. Size range will be 1x to 4x and price range (wholesale) will be between $35-$40, therefore between $80 and $100 retail for the swimsuit.”

“We are firm believers that fashion plus size is the main area for growth in our industry,” continued Denis. “The rapid success we have had with the launch of our Curves by Oh La La Cheri together with requests from our retailers for plus size swim have triggered this project. We collected information and data from some of our key retailers regarding plus size swim. Invariably, they pointed towards the lack of fashion, reasonably priced plus size swim. It then became an obvious decision for us to test the waters by launching a narrow yet well thought (both in terms of quality and price positioning) collection.”

“Our 2015 Swim collection will be available to ship as early as January 15th 2015. It will boast four collections: Edgy/Strappy collection, White collection, Leopard Collection, Black and Gold (Bling!) Collection.

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Published 10-22-2014 by Nick Monjo

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