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Triumph Finds Way To Lure Young Customers

A frame from the new “Find The One” bra commercial from Triumph.
A frame from the new “Find The One” bra commercial from Triumph.

(Filed Under wholesale Lingerie News). Triumph has created a clever way to lock up customers at an early age. A cynic might call it an innocent version of what tobacco giant R. J. Reynolds was doing with the cartoon character Joe Camel in the late 1980’s and early ‘90’s to lure children to its products.

The Swiss-based intimates firm just released in Europe an animated, musical commercial that features cartoon versions of three young women and a magical green frog singing and searching inside a large store for the perfect, correctly fitting bra.

The television ad, titled “Find The One,” began airing April 13 in the UK, Germany and Italy, and will run through mid May. Versions are also available online in Europe. In announcing the new ad, Triumph stated it was “Created to accompany” the Stand Up for Fit and Find the One ad campaigns it already has in place. The company claimed “It is the first time a lingerie brand has used animation to convey the life changing experience of finding the right bra and the first time it has animated one of its models.”

The animated young ladies dance and sing their way around a store in a young and playful manner. One snaps a bra across the room at another. The shop bears the Triumph crown logo on its door, floor and every clothing rack and fixture. Finally one of the ladies, Hannah, goes into the fitting room to try on a bra. In a twinkle, the animated blond is transformed into the actual, human Sports Illustrated swimsuit model, Hannah Ferguson, admiring herself in the mirror. And the frog has been transformed into a cute little dog.

While the Triumph announcement stated “the movie uses animation to tell the emotional story of finding the right bra,” all three digital lasses seem particularly well served with the brassieres they already have on before they discover the Triumph shop and begin their emotional search. Never in all the twisting, jumping, twirling or chest thrusting poses is any bosom displayed in an unflattering manner. The message, as portrayed here, seems to be closer to the more obvious one: ‘When you finally put on a Triumph bra, in a twinkle you’ll become a famous cover girl.’

The two minute ad is amusing, extremely well made and sounds great. One could easily imagine he was listening to a melody in one of the better Disney animated fairy tales. According to the lingerie giant, the “score was composed specially for Triumph by Tony award-winning American musical theatre composer, Jason Robert Brown, and the vocal performed by three acclaimed Broadway singers. Prague’s acclaimed Filmharmonic Orchestra performed the enchanting musical accompaniment.”

The team of Tobias Fueter and Yves Bollag of the Swiss production firm stories AG, created the commercial. Said Fueter of the work, “Women easily identify with animated characters, which explains the success of animated fairytales all over the world.”

Of course, the other group that even more easily identifies with animated characters is children.

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Published 04-15-2015 by Nick Monjo

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