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Added: Dec 2015

Added: Dec 2015

Added: Dec 2015

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Wilderness Dreams: The Appeal Of Camouflage

(Filed Under wholesale Lingerie News). Wilderness Dreams, the intimates and underwear collection that utilizes camouflage patterns, is adding new styles in 2016 for women and men, and continues to expand both the number and type of retail locations in which it sells.

“For 2016, we are expanding the product selection in Mossy Oak Break-Up COUNTRY to our lingerie and swimwear lines,” wrote Craig Zwilling, owner of the company (along with the sister firm, Weber’s Camo Leather), in answer to questions e-mailed by BODY. “There are six new lingerie styles and eight new swimwear styles that we are introducing for spring 2016. Our price points range from $6 to $30, with retail prices running $12 to $60.”

Other recent additions include “a lingerie line in a new multi-color lifestyle camo pattern called Muddy Girl. For Fall 2015, we expanded on our successful active wear line by introducing additional active wear pieces in a gunmetal gray with the Mossy Oak Break-Up COUNTRY pattern. This is Mossy Oak’s newest pattern.”

Launched in 2001, Wilderness Dreams sets itself apart by offering authentic camouflage patterns that have their origins in the hunting and outdoors industries. “Weber’s Camo Leather Goods launched in 1998 and was created as a lifestyle brand to provide outdoor enthusiasts with high-quality leather products made in licensed camouflage patterns,” explained Zwilling. “Our products allow people to show their appreciation for the outdoors year-round in all facets of their life. Using this same lifestyle philosophy, our company saw an opportunity in 2001 to offer high-quality lingerie products also made in licensed camouflage patterns. Wilderness Dreams provided an additional unique product line for our retailers that complemented other products they carry.”

“Historically our customers have been retailers focused on the outdoor industry, meaning that these retailers sell many camouflage products throughout their stores,” continued the owner. “We believed that consumers would appreciate lingerie and swimwear products made with the same licensed camouflage patterns that they know and recognize. This has proven to be true as the Wilderness Dreams line has expanded over the past 15 years.”

Over the years, the brand expanded to include a wide variety of outlets. “Sporting goods, gift shops, general apparel, farm and ranch, boutiques, and lingerie stores. We have found that the uniqueness of the product line provides an opportunity for many types of retailers.”

Noting that “camouflage has become more mainstream,” Zwilling added that, “In terms of demographics, there isn’t necessarily a “typical” Wilderness Dreams consumer, as it depends on the specific product within the line. However, the main common characteristic would be their love for camouflage and the outdoors. The lingerie consumer is made up of both women and men – women who are buying for themselves or for their friends and men who are buying as gifts for their significant other. The swimwear consumer tends to be women who are buying the pieces for themselves, while the other product categories are a combination of both women and men. The appeal of the Wilderness Dreams line is that we have a wide variety of products that work for a variety of people. This is why we continue to see opportunity to expand the reach of Wilderness Dreams to even more types of consumers.”

“While we have historically focused on sporting goods / outdoor retailers and consumers, we believe that even more people would appreciate Wilderness Dreams products if exposed to them. One of those areas is within the traditional lingerie market, where consumers may not know that licensed camouflage lingerie is even available. We also see an opportunity with stores that support female workout enthusiasts, along with traditional swimwear retailers.”

Zwilling described how the collection has evolved over the years. “The very first Wilderness Dreams products were a basic bra and panty, bikini top/bottom set, a baby doll, robe, and men’s boxers. From there we worked to introduce new types of products, while also continuing to improve and expand the initial products. Today Wilderness Dreams offers products in lingerie, loungewear, swimwear, casual wear, and active wear. This wide variety of products provides opportunities to appeal to a variety of consumers.”

Asked how he would respond to store owners who have concerns about how camouflage lingerie would sell in their locations, Zwilling replied: “We have many examples of retailers that were hesitant to try Wilderness Dreams, but have then built it into a very successful program for their stores. There have been customers that started with a small collection and ended up placing a follow-up order within a week of receiving the initial shipment. The important thing is to not be afraid to give it a try. We do not have minimum order requirements for our customers, so they are able to begin with a collection of products that works best for them. This also allows retailers to manage their Wilderness Dreams program for maximum annual inventory turns and profitability.”

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Published 12-15-2015 by Nick Monjo

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