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Pajameez from Shapeez Pajameez from Shapeez Pajameez from Shapeez Pajameez from Shapeez Pajameez from Shapeez
Pajameez from Shapeez

Added: Jul 2021
Pajameez from Shapeez

Added: Jul 2021
Pajameez from Shapeez

Added: Jul 2021
Pajameez from Shapeez

Added: Jul 2021
Pajameez from Shapeez

Added: Jul 2021

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Interview: Staci Berner, Shapeez Co-Founder

The newest Shapeez bras: the Demee Long and Demee Short push ups.
The newest Shapeez bras: the Demee Long and Demee Short push ups.

(Filed Under wholesale Shapewear News). In 2005, Staci Berner created a unique bra that provided full support while at the same time eliminated the look of bra bulges and back fat. It also offered slimming and shaping benefits.

Starting with this patented concept, Staci and co-founder, David Berner, launched Shapeez, the company that now includes a dozen different bras and shaping pieces. For this interview, BODY publisher Nick Monjo asked the designer about the company philosophy and plans for the future.

NICK MONJO: You have told us, in the past, that you don’t introduce new products just to add something to your line: you want to make sure you are contributing something original and important to the market. Can you elaborate on this point for us? And please explain how this philosophy has contributed to the success of Shapeez.

STACI BERNER: We have been successful because of the quality, uniqueness and because we offer products that solve many issues women have with their bodies.

MONJO: Besides the desire to make unique contributions, what are the other key elements to your brand identity and philosophy?

BERNER: I design products that do not solve one problem and create another. Many shapers on the market fix one problem but they may leave bulges in another. Not Shapeez. When it comes to my designs, I am extremely detail oriented and so it may take longer for Shapeez to launch a new product, however I never rush into production unless I am 100% confident in the end result which means I have tested everything to make sure it is seamless and comfortable and that the product does what it was designed to do.

MONJO: That being said, will there be more new products from Shapeez in the future? In 2016?

BERNER: We will be working on a matching panty line to match our bra line.

MONJO: Aside from any potential new product introductions, what are you other goals and plans for Shapeez in 2016 and beyond? What are the key initiatives for this year?

BERNER: We are actively seeking new reps in the U.S. and Canada and will add more trade shows.

MONJO: The market keeps changing; in your opinion, what are the three most important TRENDS in the OVERALL intimate apparel and bra market in the last year or so?

BERNER: I never follow trends. I create only additions to the Shapeez line that I would want to wear.

MONJO: What surprised you most about the bra market in 2015?

BERNER: I don’t follow trends or pay attention to the market. I simply keep producing problem solving innerwear garments that women love.

MONJO: I know there is quite a range of applications for your garments, from the average citizen, to police women wearing Shapeez under their uniforms, to post surgical patients looking for more support, to restaurant and club owners who have made Shapeez part of their uniform). What kinds of retailers have been successful with Shapeez — and why?

BERNER: Shapeez retailer focus over the last 4 years has been the upscale women’s clothing boutique. We’ve found that our product works amazingly well for the clothing retailer because #1, it’s a great up-sale, #2, it gives the customer and instant slimming effect and #3, once on body, Shapeez sells itself!

MONJO: What would you say to a retailer who has not yet tried Shapeez in her (or his) store? What kinds of success stories have you heard?

BERNER: When we work with potential retailers at our trade shows, we actually take the time to fit them into their own Shapeez. Once they get it on themselves, we really do not have to “sell” the product to them. They fall in love with it. It helps them actually sell more when the owner and sales people are wearing it in their store.

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