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Exquisite Form: Several New U.S. Sales Reps

(Filed Under wholesale Lingerie News). BL Intimates, the company that distributes the Exquisite Form line of bras, has recently added several new independent sales representatives.

Joel Wolfson, who is based in Florida, now handles that territory with his company J2 Sales and Sourcing. He can be contacted at or 954-646-6924

Juan Carlos Rodriguez now handles Puerto Rico for Exquisite Form. He can be contacted at or 787-672-2476.

The Midwest region, which includes Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Ohio, Michigan, Iowa and Indiana, is now represented by Chicago-based Mary Ann Cirullo. She can be reached at or 630-916-9330

Texas-based David Willingham now handles the Southwest region, which includes Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi and Kansas for Exquisite Form. Contact him at or 972-242-0912

All these new sales reps join Thomas McLaughlin who has handled the New York area for Exquisite Form for some time. He can be reached at 570-491-5091 or tmsales06@AOL.COM.

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