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Body Hush Launches ’Magnifique’ Shapewear

(Filed Under wholesale Shapewear News). Body Hush has just launched a new collection: Magnifique, calling it “a materialized fantasy, a symbol of genuine luxury, elegance and taste” and the “next evolution in shapewear.”

“After looking at the marketplace and speaking to retailers around the country,” explained Jimena Rosas, “we found the need for prettier looking shapewear, so we camouflaged shapewear to look like sexy and expensive lingerie as has never been seen or done before.”

At the core of the new line is a European-engineered “diamond control with power-lace fabric which stylishly sculpts and compliments the body,” continued the designer. “We allowed ourselves to dream and to materialize our fantasies through cloth and cut into reality. We conceived this design from the mythic place where are located the emotions and the spirit that makes people dream.”

She arrived at this new way of looking at shapewear through an exercise in creativity, Rosas emphasized. “A game of forms, silhouettes and shapes and not accepting standards.” Helping her to achieve her goal was the “The richness and luxurious nature of the fabric.” The result is a combination of “cutting-edge technologies and innovation that cannot be found elsewhere.”

Body Hush is already known for its pioneering concepts in the way it packages and presents its products to consumers. “We developed a unique, contemporary and appealing concept that enhances the visibility of Body Hush in stores and that brings the customer’s experience to a whole new level. Having an attractive hanger presentation is very important as it will, in turn, generate better sales results and a higher inventory turnover. The majority of the unappealing shapewear that is out there is sold either in boxes or in ugly bags which ultimately prevents the end consumer from touching and buying the product. Because of our attractive and modern appeal, Body Hush has proven to be a better investment line for our retailers.”

Body Hush has also worked to help specialty stores succeed in the challenging retail environment of today. “We support specialty retailers because we want to provide the right customer experience,” emphasized Rosas. “We cultivate our independent specialty retailer network and provide the full range of high-touch services and education required to make the right purchase. We also do not support any mass-market or discounted retailers, as we protect the Body Hush quality, reputation and brand image with consumers. And our products never go on sale.”

With the introduction of the new collection, Rosas promises to provide consumers and retailers an even better shapewear experience. “Body Hush Magnifique takes you to the place where people dream.”

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