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Secrets To NightLift’s Growing Following

(Filed Under wholesale Lingerie News). Since its creation a short time ago by a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon, as the “first and only sleepwear collection specifically designed to protect the breasts and décolletage during sleep,” the NightLift sleep bra has been gaining a growing and enthusiastic following.

At the same time, a reading of comments by actual wearers, as well as conversations with the NightLift team, revealed the new bras have also found increasing use by women seeking, for a variety of reasons, extra support in a bra that can be worn both day and night.

“What has surprised me is the number of women who tell me they love to wear this bra all the time, not just as a sleep bra,” said Lydia Padulo, who joined the company as sales manager over the past summer. “Probably part of the reason is that it is not just a very supportive bra. It is a very pretty bra. Women tell me they have worn this bra, night and day, following breast enhancement surgery or during maternity or breast feeding. Women with larger breasts say they prefer this bra for the extra support it gives. This is perfect for women who are looking for a bra that, in the words of the inventor, keeps the ‘breasts perfectly immobile (but always in total comfort).’”

Padulo referred to one actual customer who wrote, “Women with larger breasts will appreciate the strong support that NightLift builds into every bra, without oppressive under wires. The NightLift system provides remarkable lift, and it does so with the use of soft materials that are kind to a woman’s skin. I strongly recommend this excellent line of undergarments. Every one of my elegant NightLift products has held together smartly. NightLift brassieres promote healthy living.”

Another consumer wrote, “From the moment I first tried on this bra, I knew I would never take another bra with me to bed. The material is super soft, the support is fantastic, and it is extremely well made.” This same woman added, “I have also worn my bra during the day… this bra is downright the most comfortable and flattering bra I own.” She concluded, “In fact it is so comfortable that you forget you have a bra on… and I wear a 38 C!!”

“I am a 32DD. Upon receiving my bra I noticed how soft the material is and also liked the design,” stated a third woman. “It didn’t look like a frumpy maternity bra or sports bra. I went from never wearing a bra a night to now never going a night without wearing this!”

Randal Haworth, MD, FACS, inventor of the NightLift bra had observed, during his years in practice, “that his patients who were wearing a bra to bed had firmer, perkier breasts and smoother, less wrinkled décolletages than those who were not. Yet looking at traditional bras, he realized they did not offer the correct kind of support if the wearer is lying down.” He explained that his invention, which required 47 prototypes to perfect, is a “bra for each breast as opposed to a bra for both breasts.”

According to NightLift, Dr. Haworth’s “first goal was to deconstruct conventional notions about brassiere technology and re-envision the bra from the ground up. He understood that an effective night bra needs to support the breasts from the sides and not from below. Adding to his challenge, Haworth was determined to provide this unique support without the help of a uncomfortably constricting under wire or overly compressive material as seen in many modern sports bras. He wanted this revolutionary garment to be like a second skin, comfortable and seductively appealing.”

Sales manager Padulo noted that some of the effects of the NightLift can be dramatic. Not only does the bra support both laterally and vertically, but it can even promote siginificant lift. In one before and after photo she provided BODY, “a woman’s breasts lifted by 1 inch just by sleeping in it for three weeks. That is a wow factor.”

“Whether you wear it as the best sleep bra,” emphasized sales manager Padulo, “or because you are seeking extra support, NightLift has proven its worth to a wide variety of woman. I look forward to building out network for sales representatives and retail partners.”

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