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Added: Jan 2017

Added: Jan 2017

Added: Jan 2017

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Gatta Hosiery: Polish Brand Expanding Here

(Filed Under wholesale Hosiery News). Gatta Hosiery has already made inroads with some retailers in the western part of the U.S., and its distributor is now planning to exhibit for the first time at the upcoming Curve show in New York.

“The brand Gatta, owned by Ferax Sp. z.o.o, is a well known and established European (Polish) hosiery brand,” explained Sophie Mkrtchyan, who, with her husband, own Gatta Hosiery USA LLC, the distribution organization working exclusively with the label.

The parent company “was established in 1993, originally specializing in various types of hosiery (tights, stockings, leggings). In recent years, they have expanded their product lines to include women’s apparel, intimate apparel (underwear, bras etc...), medical hosiery lines, bodywear, sportswear. They’ve also added men’s specialty line as well as children’s. The product list designed and manufactured by Gatta grows and expands with every season,” she added in an email message to BODY.

Since starting with the distribution of Gatta hosiery in 2014, Mkrtchyan has not listed other products “on our website, but we are planning on expanding and incorporating them into our inventory by mid-year, and we will definitely have some samples for Curve.”

“Retail prices for hosiery range from $15-$25, for pants/leggings from $25-$65 and for apparel from $30 and up.”

Mkrtchyan said the brand has been well received here since the launch, but she is looking to accelerate the process. “We do have several small retailers in the U.S. already carrying our products, such as Savvy Lingerie and Rockin’ Bettie in Las Vegas, as well as Marni’s Fashion in Glendale, CA and Balizza USA in Beverly Hills. We are hoping that exhibiting at the Curve NY show will give other retailers/buyers an opportunity to get familiar with the Gatta brand, the quality of their products and hopefully give us a chance at their own stores.”

In Europe, “Gatta is primarily sold in Poland by the parent company. Gatta Hosiery USA LLC, as the extension of Gatta on the western market, sells Gatta merchandise in U.S., but we do accept orders from all over the world on our website, In fact, we have successfully sold in such countries as Australia, France, Germany, Switzerland, Greece and Canada.”

Asked to explain why U.S. retailers should consider the brand, Mkrtchyan replied, “First and foremost is the quality of the products, including the packaging. Everything from step one to production is done at their factory in Poland, and nowhere else. Then the innovative and modern designs, added variety with every season, as well as their top of the line classic designs which are manufactured throughout the year.” She added, “Gatta grows and expands with every season, introducing new and innovative design ideas to their consumers, at the same time delivering beauty and comfort, durability and versatility, following newest contemporary fashion trends to interest and capture the consumers. All of this is backed by their unprecedented standards for uniqueness of their designer’s craftsmanship and high quality that the Gatta brand stands behind.”

“It’s new, it’s fresh, it’s high quality, it’s different and innovative. We call it “for ladies of all ages”, meaning we have products that would interest consumers of all ages. The brand has been around for over 20 years, it’s well established in Europe and gets better and better with every new collection. We promise to provide best customer service and experience, and we stand firmly behind our promises.” Contact Gatta at or by phone at (844) 780-8800. — NM

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Published 01-25-2017 by Nick Monjo

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Gatta Hosiery: Polish Brand Expanding Here

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