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Wood Underwear Adds Windowpane Prints

(Filed Under wholesale Men's Underwear News). Wood Underwear has added three new windowpane prints in jewel tones on grey grounding for Spring/Summer 2018. The designs are featured on five men’s styles.

“A man in a suit…just amazing. I love going to markets where men dress to the nines. Seeing men in suits, ties, hats, wingtips is nothing less than inspiring,” declared Terresa Zimmerman, founder of Wood. “As homage to those well dressed men…that we’d love to see more and more of…we designed a range of suiting inspired windowpane prints. We’ve used a masculine color palette, one that also gives our stores great merchandising opportunities with the rest of our line.”

According to a company announcement, the “Blitz, Crosscut and Junction prints take a page straight out of men’s classics to launch them into a very modern spring basic. Every collection should have it. Worn by dukes and Hollywood kings, gangsters, basketball stars and the who’s who of musical talent, throughout the decades, windowpane prints are on the scene…and often set the scene. It’s a bold statement – a man staking a claim he’s his own man.”

Contact Zimmerman for pricing at (310) 339.4355 or

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