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Nubra model. Nubra model.

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Added: Jun 2017

Added: Jun 2017
Nubra model.

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Nubra model.

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Forever Improving A Proven Winner At Nubra

(Filed Under wholesale Lingerie News). NuBra has sold “over 30 million” adhesive bras since it patented and then launched the product in 2002.

That fact alone clearly establishes the company as an expert in the category. But perhaps an even stronger reason to buy the bras is what the firm has done to develop and improve their product over the years.

“We foster an ‘innovation first’ approach to our products and how we engage with our customers,” explained NuBra’s Daren Peng. “Year after year we focus on how we can improve comfort, fit and finish for our customer.”

Listing some of the major improvements and new product launches in the collection, Peng began with efforts to reduce the bulk of the bra. “We delivered on weight reduction, and that led to the creation of the Feather-Lite category.”

Another innovation, “the removal of the bra cup piping around cup edges” led to the creation of the NuBra Seamless bra.

A key improvement was to make the “bra cups breathable, which greatly improved comfort for the wearer,” continued Peng. And yet another initiative to “re-contour” the silicone bra cups reduced “the felt weight” of the bra and improved fit resulting in the creation of a new product category, the NuBra 3D.

“Every major improvement we have made created important design options for our consumers,” Peng emphasized. “But we have also added different price points as well as fashion choices including a large variety of fabrics, colors and styles to suit virtually every occasion.”

“Our Fashion Collection consists of Printed Fabric, Crystal, Satin, Lace and Sequin collections. Some items are sold as bra and panties sets. All laced and sequin bra cups are all hand sewn and the bras in the Crystal Collection are all made to order.”

The company’s commitment to constantly improve, has also made it particularly sensitive to anyone trying to infringe on its patents. “We take legal action against the knockoffs for their infringement upon Bragel/NuBra’s intellectual property rights. Retailers and consumers should be aware of similar looking items and/or with deceiving product names and/or items that are falsely claimed to be “NuBra.””

“We have always put product safety and production quality first because we strongly believe that the peace of mind from buying and using genuine NuBra creates brand loyalty,” concluded Peng. “The fact that we have sold over 30 million units all over the world in the past 15 years is the best testament that NuBra has the best value because it works and it lasts. NuBra is an American brand and we are proud that they are made here in Southern California.”

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