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NuBra’s new seamless panty NuBra’s new seamless panty NuBra’s new seamless panty
NuBra’s new seamless panty

Added: Dec 2021
NuBra’s new seamless panty

Added: Dec 2021
NuBra’s new seamless panty

Added: Dec 2021

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Added: Jun 2017

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NuBra: New Products Plus 10 Reasons To Buy

(Filed Under wholesale Lingerie News). NuBra, as part of its re-branding campaign, has created a new logo and will be introducing “a new portfolio of products.” In addition, the innovator of adhesive bras has come up with the “Top ten reasons to choose backless strapless bras in 2018:”

1) Complete Flexibility

Backless, strapless, adhesive bras aren’t just for weddings or cocktail parties anymore. Millions of women are switching to them for all-day, every day use.

2) All-Day Comfort

What’s the worst part of wearing a bra? 99.99% of women will tell you the shoulder and back straps. Backless, strapless adhesive bras will not leave you with railroad tracks going over your shoulders or weird imprints across your back at the end of the day.

3) Total Dependability

No one wants to have a wardrobe malfunction in the middle of a meeting. NuBra uses a patented, medical grade adhesive that not only delivers comfort but also provides peace of mind.

4) Stylish And Practical

Just like conventional bras, backless, strapless, adhesive bras come in a huge variety of styles and colors and sizes, perfect for matching whatever outfit you’re wearing or whatever mood you’re in.

5) Easy To Use

No straps to twist and adjust and pull, NuBra can be applied, adjusted or removed easily in a matter of seconds.

6) Amplitude Or Altitude?

Want some extra volume? NuBra has a whole range of silicone-based bras to enhance your look. Plus, the placement of the cups can be positioned to provide a little more cleavage when you need it using a patented clip.

7) Trusted Durability

Adhesive bras are no longer “one-and-done”. A quick cleaning after each wear ensures they last as long as a conventional bra does.

8) Bye Bye To Back Bulge

One of the worst parts of a regular bra is the squishing and ‘sausaging’ of the wearer’s back. Backless, strapless bras totally eliminate that giving the wearer a totally smooth look.

9) Totally On Trend

2017 saw a lot of backless and of-the-shoulder outfits, and 2018 looks to continue that trend. These bras are the perfect intimate accessory to go with that.

10) Handmade In The U.S.A.

NuBra is the original backless, strapless adhesive bra. The medical-grade adhesive ensures wearer comfort and safety. Don’t be fooled by imitators.

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