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FiORE: Hosiery Brand Looks To Expand Here

(Filed Under wholesale Hosiery News). FiORE is an established Polish hosiery firm looking to expand into the U.S. market, with plans to exhibit at the upcoming Curve show in New York.

“We have a modern machinery park, which produces thousands of products daily,” one of the owners, Konrad Gernand, told BODY. “We use carefully selected Italian yarns, supplied by the world’s most reputable manufacturers.” The hose has been made, since the company’s founding in 1998, in Lodz “a city with a long-standing garment-making tradition.”

Wholesale prices for the basic, “Classic line” of sheer tights, start at $1.20 and go “up to $3.57 USD for a special Run Resistant model. Basic stockings can be purchased starting from $2 USD up to $7.50 USD for beautiful hold-ups with sexy lace. Shaping tights from our BODY CARE collection can be purchased starting from $3.20 USD up to $6.20 USD” for a style that has waist and belling slimming properties, according to Krzysztof Gernand, senior export manager. “FiORE has one of the widest collections of patterned tights and stocking in Europe. For sure every client will find something that is interesting from our offer. Patterned tights from our seasonal collection start from $3.00 USD up to $13.70 USD for the exclusive tights with lace top.”

“At this point we don’t sell through retail channels to [the] USA. Our online retail store is mainly focused on Europe,” he continued, listing Duskphan LLC, Dress To Kill and Sensuous Legs as examples of current customers.

“FiORE sells its products in over 70 countries,” added owner Konrad Gernand. “Thanks to an extensive network of partners, we can quickly reach anywhere in the world.”

Brand manager Agnieszka Mantusz explained that the tights in the BODY CARE line are “designed to discreetly model and emphasize what is best in about woman’s figure.” The extensive collection “includes models that support blood circulation, prevent swelling and pressure, and shape your belly, thighs, hips and buttocks. Having in mind the care and support of the future mothers we have created a supportive pregnancy tights [group] which maintains the tummy and at the same time, reduces the strain on the spinal column, giving a relief and stability in this very important moment of their lives.”

There is also a “collection of sensual, timeless stockings and tights enhanced with a sexy garter belts and body stockings. Those products seduce with their elegant details, subtle laces and the highest product quality.”

Currently there is no U.S. distributor for the company, but export manager Gernand noted it is “very easy to order our products” using the company’s internet platform, which coupled with international couriers, takes “3-4 days to deliver the order.” He added that, “Thanks to this solution we are capable of selling our products to small boutiques, retail shops or big department stores, wholesalers. Using our tool you can have a direct insight in our current stocks so your orders can be planned with precision and without any unnecessary mailing or ordering processes. We hope to find new clients and opportunities of cooperation. We really believe that the USA market deserves the diversity of patterns, quality and competitive prices of FiORE.”

To date the company has “participated in several trade shows all around the world. Last year we have been exhibiting in The 12th Shanghai International Hosiery Purchasing Expo. What is more, over the past few years, FiORE has been exhibiting in Paris, Germany and England,” said Gernand. Joining him at the New York show will be project manager Ela Nowakowska.

In all, FiORE, which is controlled by three partners, Konrad Gernand, Jerzy Biernacki and Włodzimierz Tomas, employs “150 people, including engineers, production managers and, most importantly, skilled and experienced craftsmen and designers,” according to the owner.

The export manager can be contacted at — NM

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Published 01-11-2018 by Nick Monjo

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