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Pajameez from Shapeez Pajameez from Shapeez Pajameez from Shapeez Pajameez from Shapeez Pajameez from Shapeez
Pajameez from Shapeez

Added: Jul 2021
Pajameez from Shapeez

Added: Jul 2021
Pajameez from Shapeez

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Pajameez from Shapeez

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Pajameez from Shapeez

Added: Jul 2021

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Suddz Now On Website, Coming Soon To Stores

(Filed Under wholesale Lingerie News). Shapeez, the company that offers an extensive collection of patented bras, has perfected its new Suddz Intimate Apparel Wash, is offering it on the company website, and plans to soon make the product available at its many retail locations.

“Through our extensive research on how to clean and maintain Shapeez bras, active wear, and other delicates, we have dealt with lipstick, mascara, deodorant, and everything in between, and have found that traditional detergents don’t really do a good job of cleaning and restoring these types of garments,” explained company co-owner, Staci Berner.

The reason, she continued, is that “First, most performance or technology based fabrics are synthetic or blended, while traditional detergents are largely made for cleaning cotton, wool and other natural fibers, and just don’t have the cleaning properties required for synthetic fibers. Second, traditional detergents contain ingredients such as softeners and stabilizers that often have a negative impact on synthetic fibers, causing them to relax or stretch, the exact thing you don’t want to happen with your delicates or performance wear. It will not only change the fit, but it will also shorten the useful life of the garment.”

“We knew there had to be a better way. So, just like we did with our patented back-smoothing bras, we invented it!”

Continued co-owner David Berner, “Suddz is an effective yet safe and gentle detergent to use for hand washing all your delicate garments from bras and panties to active wear and leggings. While it’s fine for cleaning natural fibers, it is specifically well suited and effective on synthetic blends such as the nylon-lyrca blend used in all our bras. And because it doesn’t contain potentially harmful additives, it helps your items keep their shape and extends their useful life.”

He added that hand washing is critical because, “during a regular machine wash cycle (and this actually includes the delicate cycle of many machines) the agitator can catch hold of cups and straps and cause excessive twisting and stretching, causing them to permanently loose their shape. In addition, the high speeds (about 80 miles per hour) and pressure during the final spin, can also stretch your delicates. In addition, dryers average heat ranges from 125° to 135° degrees Fahrenheit which is bad for synthetic fibers. During a typical drying cycle the garments are slammed against the sides of the drum and can be squashed by the other garments in a load.”

David Berner emphasized that the new Suddz wash was designed not only for Shapeez products, but for the whole additional range of both female and male synthetic garments, including underwear, activewear and even hosiery.

“We had a chemist analyze the chemical makeup of the kinds of dirt/things/materials/marks we see on products. Then, using this information, we looked at the synthetic fabrics themselves to determine what ingredients clean best without breaking down or damaging the material and its components, both obvious and subtle.” He added, “It is also important to know what we did not include in Suddz: it is free from potentially harmful fragrances, perfumes, dyes, colorants, softeners, conditioners, bleaches, enzymes, brighteners, surfactants, and harsh detergents that can damage your garments, many of which are environmental pollutants.”

Overall, Berner concluded, Suddz will “not just clean, but also extend the lifespan of the garment. In a number of ways is a much better alternative to the other options out there.”

Retail pricing for a 32 ounce bottle of Suddz is $19. A double pack is $36 and a triple pack is $53. Contact Berner at or 877-360-8426.

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