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Posture Bras Important For Exquisite Form

(Filed Under wholesale Lingerie News). Bras that help to improve the posture have been strong part of the Exquisite Form collection offered by BL Intimates (BLI).

“A posture support bra is a bra that is designed with a criss-cross back or X pattern back. This design works to straighten the shoulders and gently forces the spine into alignment,” explained Stephanie Bronk, corporate account manager for Exquisite Form.

“The main purpose of a posture support bra is to create a proper posture, but can also help alleviate pressure in the neck, knees, upper back, and shoulders. These styles are typically front-close bras and can be found in short bras or in longline styles.”

Bronk emphasized that these bras are not just for full busted women. “Everyone could benefit from wearing a posture support bra, as most of us need help to straighten our shoulders and therefore, create better postures. However, for those with larger busts, posture support bras will provide the right level of support, in targeted areas, and are known to relieve pain and pressure often caused by a heavier bust.”

Several bras in BLI’s “Exquisite Form Fully assortment are posture support bras. They are all front-close styles, which offer an added benefit of being easy to put on and take off, especially for those with limited mobility or range of motion.”

Bronk said the company’s “best selling posture support bra is style 5100531 Front Close Cotton Cup Posture Support Bra. This bra is wire free and its cups are made of 100% cotton. The reinforced powernet criss-cross back design helps straighten the wearers shoulders and will therefore create a better posture. This style is also very popular amongst those who have recently undergone surgery, as it offers cups made of natural fibers, does not contain metal or wires, and is front close which is truly a necessity for those with limited mobility. Style 5100531 is offered in white, beige and black, and in an extensive size range.”

“Following the success of style 5100531, we have our style 5107565 Front Close Longline Posture Bra with lace and the short version style 5100565 Front Close Posture Bra with lace. These styles offer the same posture support level as the previously mentioned Cotton Cup style 5100531, with the reinforced powernet design to straighten shoulders. The longline style 5107565 offers the added benefit of providing extra coverage up to the waist, which allows for a smoothing and slimming effect on the torso. The extra boning down the sides of the longline style also help align and straighten the wearer’s posture. The longline style 5107565 is available in white, rose beige and black, and the short version 5100565 is available in five colors. Due to its popularity, this style is offered in our largest color range: white, rose beige, black and in 2017 we launched our first fashion colors: Walnut and Navy.”

Asked about notable media attention for the bras, Bronk replied, “Recently, we have been seeing an increase in articles and blog posts explaining the benefits of wearing a posture support bra. Fortunately, our Exquisite Form posture support bras have been amongst those selected in these articles, as they are top-rated on well-known websites such as Similarly, Bustle reached out to us prior to publishing a blog post where the blogger tried on multiple posture bras, and gave her comments and feedback. Exquisite Form bras came up among the top ranked styles.”

“Needless to say, we are very fortunate and thankful for all the positive feedback we have been receiving on Exquisite Form posture support bras. There is a huge demand for these styles on the market, and we are glad to offer solution-based bras to our customers. We are also very happy to be able to educate those who may not be informed about the benefits of wearing a posture support bra. Not many intimates brands carry these styles in their assortment, and true to our history, Exquisite Form has been offering solution-based products to the market for over 80 years.” Contact Bronk at 877-270-2731 or

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