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Dreamgirl Working To Broaden Its Retail Base

(Filed Under wholesale Lingerie News). Dreamgirl, long known as a prominent supplier of provocative lingerie, is planning to broaden its offerings, “to cross over, to move into mainstream retail as opposed to only sexy,” declared CEO Barry Revzen.

“The sexy market is great,” he continued. “But we are planning some new innovations. We are creating more in the way of fresh lines and are going after a second market as well.”

The company is currently “putting together a group of garments that will be that cross over,” and will soon be visiting a whole range of stores where the brand has never sold before. In addition to prominent lingerie chains, targets include “Nordstrom, Macy’s, Bloomingdales.”

Joining in the outreach to mainstream retailers for Dreamgirl’s branded apparel is Lorraine Imrich, the company’s sales director. Tim Regan, a well-know industry veteran who began working with Dreamgirl several months ago, focuses on private label sales.

Revzen told BODY he will be visiting suppliers in Asia with Regan in the near future, noting that Regan’s contacts and understanding of the market have already achieved strong results.

As part of the elevating the company, Revzen said that he is aggressively promoting the brand to consumers. “It is hard to have a better name than Dreamgirl,” he pointed out, adding that the company is “doing a lot of social media” and is working with Instagram.

One thing working in Dreamgirl’s favor is that the brand has been around for many decades. Established in 1978 the company’s lingerie has already been purchased by several generations of consumers.

As this branding effort expands, Revzen concluded, more and more shoppers will be “asking for Dreamgirl in stores.” And once the brand “is in stores it will stay in stores for a very long time.”

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