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Nubra model. Nubra model.

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Added: Jun 2017

Added: Jun 2017
Nubra model.

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Nubra model.

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NuBra Adds Innovative New Straps For Its Bras

(Filed Under wholesale Lingerie News). NuBra, a leader in the development of the adhesive bra, has introduced innovative straps that provide new ways to wear its bras.

The new straps, which are offered separately or in the company’s “Nu Way Strap Pack,” provide consumers with more solutions to the challenges of today’s fashions. They also provide retailers with a new way to profit with the brand.

NuBra bras are made in the U.S. with medical-grade adhesive. In the normal way of wearing, the bra cups are connected by a detachable center clasp. With both of the new applications, the cups are worn with the clasps facing up.

In the first of the new methods of wearing, the “Nu Halter Strap” is attached to one cup, run around the neck, and then attached to the other cup. With the second way of wearing the NuBra cups are again placed with the clasps facing up. Two “Nu Lift Straps” are then attached, one to each cup. Adhesive-backed tabs at the other end of the straps are then affixed to the skin further up the chest.

The Nu Way Straps will be on display at Curve New York in booth 129 and a short demonstration on how to wear them will be provided. For more information and availability, call 1(877) 586-8272 or email

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