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Axami Launches New Clubwear Collection

(Filed Under wholesale Clubwear News). Axami has launched a new clubwear line for the U.S. market. “It’s a collection for brave women who want to feel free with themselves. Perfect for parties and crazy nights,” according to a spokesperson.

“The collection includes the most fashionable trends of the upcoming season, numerous cut-outs, animal patterns, gloss, tulle and latex. It’s the perfect ‘queen of the night’ collection.”

“The group is available in size 10,12,14,16 U.S. The price level is between 15-25 USD.”

“This clubwear liberates femininity. It’s for the modern girl who leads an intense night life. She goes out to hit the clubs and conquer.”

Contact info: tel/fax : +48 85 67 54 954; tel.: +48 85 74 31 928; fax: +48 85 74 37 461; email: — NM

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Published 09-21-2019 by Nick Monjo

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